Math on the Sidewalk

St. Mary's Projects

Name Title Mentor Department  
Bramble, Amanda Marie Barkley Parent Training : a look at parent-child interactions in families with ADHD O'Donnell, Deborah A. Psychology View
Brunner, Elizabeth Lev Factors affecting cyanobacterial nitrogen-fixation on the Sassafras River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay Paul, Robert W. Biology View
Buckingham, Cameron Paul Training a guardian : social transformation at United States Coast Guard recruit training Roberts, William C. Anthropology View
Byrnes, Ian Thomas Behnke Effect of the Magnus force on projectile motion in 3 dimensions Adler, Charles L. Physics View
Cooke, Zachary A. One voice Krondorfer, Bjorn H. Religious Studies View
Curry, Layne Ashley Heritage de la colonisation dans l’espace urbain : la transformation des immigrés français dans les 20e et 21e siecles / Legacy of colonization in urban space : the transformation of French immigrants in the 20th and 21st centuries Gantz, Katherine L. International Languages and Cultures (French) View
Farkas, David Stephen Economic analysis of oyster aquaculture on the Patuxent River
Dowla, Asif U. Economics View
Ford, Jonathan Michael Isolation and characterization of non-obligate bacterial endospore predators from organic soils Byrd, Jeffrey J. Biology View
Gardner, Jamie Carolyn Siblings by chance, friends by choice : determinants of relationship qualities Glidden, Laraine M. Psychology View
Hendrix, Erin Elizabeth Here, there, and the places in-between : building a home in the Gambia Hammond, Jeffrey A. English View
Kaisler, Rebecca Catherine Living truths in dying times : a social examination of plague in early modern England Savage, Gail L. History View
McKee, Molly Ann Perfect storm and the response that followed : a case study of Greenville, Mississippi Osborn, Elizabeth A. Sociology View
Newcomb, Melissa You won’t know me : disrupted autobiographies by Asian-American women Cognard-Black, Jennifer Asian Studies View
Occhipinti, Caitlin Alyssa Fight within the frame : a comparative analysis of American conflict photojournalism Lucchesi, Joseph E.
Art History View
Ritzinger, Louis Joseph Pakistan and Islam : an analysis of religion as a function of power Shafqat, Sahar
Political Science View
Spencer, Jean-Paul Extraction of maltol from Fraser fir needles using "green" materials : an experiment for the organic chemistry laboratory class Eller, Leah R.
Chemistry View
Swope, Alexander Walker What are we working for? : the American dream of self-making in late nineteenth and early twentieth century American literature Nelson, Colby D.
English View
Williams, Olivia Rose Eatables : food and the politics of memory at Point Lookout prison Holden, Charles J.
History View