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Admissions: Costs & Aid

Tuition & Fees


“Public” means we’re devoted to accessibility, diversity, and affordability. We have the highest four-year graduation rate in Maryland and the lowest average debt amongst graduates of all Maryland public 4 year institutions.
Source: The Institute for College Access & Success, College InSight,

For Assistance

Contact the Office of Financial Aid at or call 240-895-3000.

To apply for need-based aid*, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before March 1. Our Title IV code is 002095.

Tuition and Other Costs of Attendance

To help everyone meet the costs of a St. Mary's education, families receive individual attention in both the admissions and financial aid processes. Contact the financial aid department to help plan for tuition costs.

2014-2015 Estimated Yearly Expenses*

Full Time Students (12 semester-hours or more)

Maryland Resident         Non-Maryland Resident
Direct Costs On-Campus Commuter   On-Campus
Tuition $11,195 $11,195   $26,045
Fees¹ $2,629 $2,629   $2,629
Room** $6,770 n/a   $6,770
Board*** $5,160 n/a   $5,160
Billable Charges to SMCM $25,754 $13,824   $40,604

¹Fees support a variety of programs including campus facilities, special events (for example, lectures and fine arts programs), and student activities.

*The Trustees reserve the right to adjust the rates should that prove necessary.
**Room- based on Dorm: double occupancy
***Board- based on Gold Plan (20 Guest Passes + $600 Dining Dollars)

2014-2015 Housing Costs

Room Type
Cost Per Year
Dorm: Single Occupancy
Dorm: Double Occupancy
Dorm: Triple or Quad Occupancy
$6,770 .00
Suite: Double Occupancy
Suite Single Occupancy
Apartment: Single Occupancy
Apartment: Double Occupancy
Townhouse (excluding utilities)

2014-2015 Meal Plan Costs

Plan Type
Cost Per Year
Silver Plan (24 Guest Passes + $400 Dining Dollars)
Gold Plan (40 Guest Passes + $600 Dining Dollars)
Platinum Plan (64 Guest Passes + $800 Dining Dollars)

Meal Credit Meal Plans/h3>
250 Meal Plan (250 meals + $ 600 Dining Dollars)
150 Meal Plan (150 meals + $600 Dining Dollars)
Flex Plan (20 meals + $800 Dining Dollars)