Light and Color Conference - June 16-20, 2010

The 10th International Conference on Light and Color in Nature will be held on June 16-20 at the St. Mary's College of Maryland campus in St. Mary's City, Maryland. The topics addressed at the meeting include, but are not limited to, the following: rainbows; ice crystal halos; glories; coronas; iridescence; sky color; atmospheric visibility; refraction effects; contrast phenomena; noctilucent clouds; optics of lightning; auroras; colors created by absorption and scattering in water and air; color and light in water and on water surfaces; iridescence and colors in biology and geology; atmospheric optics in history and archaeology; and computational techniques for calculating and rendering optical effects in the atmosphere and landscape.

Please submit a title and an abstract for your talk via email to Dr. Charles Adler (Chair, organizing committee), , by Friday, April 30, 2010 for inclusion in the conference. The committee will review all abstracts and notify authors whether theirs have been accepted. The size limit for the abstract is two pages (double spaced) including figures and images. File formats accepted are plain text, pdf, doc, and docx.

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