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St. Mary’s College Recognized as a Top Volunteer-Producing College by Peace Corps

February 12, 2014
Press Release #14-007


The Peace Corps recently released its 2014 rankings of the top volunteer-producing colleges and universities across the country. St. Mary’s College of Maryland is named among small schools on the list, with 11 alumni currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers worldwide.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland has consistently ranked on the Peace Corps Top Colleges list. Since the Peace Corps was established in 1961, more than 120 St. Mary’s College of Maryland graduates have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers.

 “The same passion that launched the Peace Corps more than 50 years ago fuels progress in developing countries today thanks to the leadership and creativity that college graduates bring to their Peace Corps service,” Peace Corps Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. “The unique Peace Corps experience helps recent graduates cultivate highly sought-after skills that will launch their careers in today’s global economy.”

St. Mary's College of Maryland graduate Maria Tolbert (B.A., anthropology; minor, vocal music) is a community health educator in Cambodia. She is working to improve antenatal care, nutrition, water and sanitation, and sexual and reproductive health in health centers and local schools.

 “I had wanted to join Peace Corps since I was very young, and I was fortunate in that St. Mary's really fostered that dream. As an anthropology student, I was able to take many courses that opened my eyes to new ideas and diverse ways of living. St. Mary's encourages its students to become global citizens by offering a number of easily accessible study-abroad opportunities,” said Tolbert. “Peace Corps is an amazing opportunity to do good work for your host site, for the global community, and for yourself.”

 Service in the Peace Corps is a life-defining, hands-on leadership experience that offers volunteers the opportunity to travel to the farthest corners of the world and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Peace Corps volunteers live and work at the community level and promote a better understanding between cultures.

When they return home, volunteers bring knowledge and experiences that give them a competitive edge for 21st century jobs and advanced educational opportunities.