St. Mary's College of Maryland

A student may take a leave of absence from the College at any time during the semester on or before the last day of classes, provided the student is not under temporary suspension. To take a leave, a student must fill out the form linked below, and have an exit interview with the Associate Dean of Academic Services, the Dean of Students, the Associate Dean of Residence Life, or the Director of the Counseling Center.

Any degree-seeking student may be granted leaves of absence up to a total of three semesters during his or her College career, including the semester in which the leave is initially taken. In cases of unusual need, students may be granted additional leaves of absence by the Assistant Dean of Academic Services. If such permission is not granted, and the student fails to return from the leave, he or she will automatically be withdrawn.

If a student submits leave of absence paperwork after the tenth week of classes, he or she must remain on leave for at least the following semester as well. 

To return from a leave of absence, a student must notify the Office of Academic Services in writing by February 15 for a fall semester return or October 15 for a spring semester return.  If a student is returning from a medical leave of absence, the student may need special permission from the Dean of Students to return. 

If a student wishes to live on-campus upon returning from a leave of absence, the student must submit a written request to the Office of Residence Life by February 15 for fall semester housing or October 15 for spring semester housing.  If a student submits a housing request after these dates, the student will be placed on the housing wait list and will be housed if space is available after the new students are housing in June (for the fall semester) or January (for the spring semester).

Credit earned at another institution during a leave of absence will be transferable to St. Mary’s College under the same provisions as other transfer credit.

If you wish to take a leave of absence, please read the instructions accompanying the leave form carefully, to familiarize yourself with your responsibilities vis-a-vis tuition, financial aid, and housing. 

Leave of Absence form and instructions