St. Mary's College of Maryland

A student is placed on academic probation if his or her cumulative grade-point average falls below 2.00. When a student is placed on academic probation, the Registrar will send the student (and his or her advisors) a letter defining the terms of the probation and indicating what constitutes satisfactory progress toward removal of the probationary status. Satisfactory progress includes achieving a minimum 2.00 semester grade-point average and meeting the other requirements in the letter. A student remains on probation until the cumulative grade-point average reaches 2.00.

Probationary status is indicated on the permanent record as well as on the grade report. A student on academic probation may not register for more than 16 credit hours for any regular semester during the term of the probation. In addition, the following extracurricular programs are available only to students in good academic standing: varsity sports, campus media, student government offices, student club offices, drama productions, and music ensembles. (Music ensembles and drama productions are not prohibited to those students on academic probation who are taking them for credit as part of their academic load of 16 or fewer credit hours).

Students on academic probation are required to complete an academic success plan, in consultation with their advisor, at the beginning of the semester. After meeting with their advisor, they must meet with an advisor in Academic Services. Depending on what areas are targeted for improvement, we may suggest regular meetings with us, appointments at the Writing Center, work with a peer mentor, or other strategies.