St. Mary's College of Maryland

Students with Disabilities Procedure for Providing Reasonable Accommodation

Process for temporary disability assistance:

  1. Bring note from doctor or college trainer to public safety stating the length of time that the injury will require special access to classrooms.
  2. Public Safety will issue a temporary pass for a vehicle to park in a closer commuter lot to the buildings needed during the length of time stated on the note, and only during class or required events/lectures.
  3. Students may not park in handicapped spaces.
  4. If the student does not have a car or needs assistance finding someone, they may ask the RA of the residence hall to help identify someone who may be going to class at that time.
  5. Always stay in close contact with your professor about injuries that might affect your ability to meet deadlines.
  6. Contact the Office of Academic Services to document an absence because of a death in the family or a required doctor/hospital visit. x4388