St. Mary's College of Maryland

Academic Dismissal

If a probationary student fails to make satisfactory progress, that student will be dismissed. Students will be evaluated for dismissal after each semester. Students who are dismissed will not be permitted to register for credit courses either as a degree or non-degree student (through the Continuing Education Program).

Appeal for exemption from dismissal may be granted by the associate provost in the Office of Academic Services in unusual circumstances and following consultation with the Academic Policy Committee. Students whose appeals are granted will be re-admitted to the College for a period not to exceed two semesters on a provisional basis. If students fail to attain the minimal GPA for retention and they fail to comply with the conditions specified in the letter allowing them to return to the college, they will be dismissed at the end of the provisional period. Students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships from the College must meet the minimum required academic performance and enroll in the minimum number of semester-hours required for retaining their aid and/or scholarships.

Students who have been academically dismissed from St. Mary's may apply for re-admission after one year by writing to the Academic Policy Committee no sooner than the end of the second semester after their dismissal. The application for re-admission should include the following information: educational goals; past academic difficulties and steps taken to address these difficulties; plans for ensuring future academic success; and transcripts of academic work taken at other institutions during the period following dismissal. Academically dismissed students who wish to continue their education at St. Mary's should remove deficient grades by taking courses elsewhere until their cumulative GPA at St. Mary's is at least 2.00. (See 'Computation of Grade-point Average' elsewhere in the 'Academic Policies' section).

In evaluating an application for re-admission, the Academic Policy Committee will consider evidence of the student's growth and maturity that will indicate the student now has an increased probability of being academically successful. Re-admission of dismissed students is not automatic and will be granted by the associate provost in the Office of Academic Services in consultation with the Academic Policy Committee only in cases where the student is clearly capable of fulfilling the rigorous requirements of the honors college curriculum. Students who are re-admitted to the College will be permitted to attend as degree students or to register as non-degree students through the Continuing Education Program. A student re-admitted after being academically dismissed will be placed on a status of provisional admission for two semesters after re-admission. Re-admitted students must meet with the associate provost in the Office of Academic Services to discuss their academic plans, and must meet all of the conditions specified in their letter of re-admission, or face dismissal at the end of the provisional two semesters if they have not attained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. Any student who has been re-admitted and whose record following re-admission leads to a second dismissal will be ineligible for further re-admission.

Letters appealing dismissal should be addressed to the Associate Provost for Academic Services and the Academic Policy Committee. Letters should include information about why you believe your dismissal should be rescinded and should contain all information you wish the Committee to have when we consider your appeal, including statements from instructors and physicians as appropriate. Your appeal must be received no later than the date indicated in your letter of dismissal, which is usually within two weeks of the end of the semester. To facilitate prompt receipt of your appeal, we will accept it by UPS or FedEx, by fax (240-895-4331), or as an email attachment sent to

You may not return to St. Mary's College unless the Associate Provost grants permission, after having considered your appeal and the recommendation on it by the Academic Policy Committee. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that such a petition will be granted. If you do not appeal, or if your appeal is denied, you registrations will be cancelled and the fees or deposits you have paid will be refunded. If this is the first time you have been academically dismissed, you will be eligible to reapply for admission to the College after an absence of one year provide you have taken courses elsewhere to improve your cumulative St. Mary's College GPA to a minimum of 2.00, and/or made other changes in your circumstances that would contribute to a more successful academic experience on campus.

If your appeal is granted, the academic dismissal will not be entered on your permanent record, and you will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. You will also have to agree to certain conditions such as credit limitations and meetings with your adviser in order to be allowed to return for a probationary semester. Click here for the protocol for writing a letter to the Academic Policy Committee.