St. Mary's College of Maryland


An I (Incomplete) may be given by the instructor only at the request of the student when extraordinary circumstances, such as extended illness or other serious emergency beyond the control of the student, prevent the student from completing a course within the academic term. To qualify for an Incomplete, the extraordinary circumstances must have occurred near the end of the term and the student must have been attending the course regularly throughout the term up until that point. To assign an Incomplete, the instructor must discuss with the student the work that must be completed and the deadline for submission of that work. In addition, the instructor will indicate the reason for the Incomplete by checking the appropriate box on the "Incomplete Request Form" submitted to the registrar at the time grades are due for that semester. The instructor will also indicate the grade the student should receive if the conditions for completion of the course work are not met by the appropriate deadline. If no grade is specified on the Incomplete request form or if the reason for the Incomplete is not checked on the form, a grade of F will be recorded on the student's transcript. The student must submit all designated work to the faculty member by the end of the fourth week of the following semester. The deadline for submitting the grade change to the registrar is the end of the sixth week of that semester. Any Incomplete that is not removed prior to that date will revert to the grade specified by the contract granting the Incomplete. The instructor may extend the deadline for submission of work until later in the semester if the student requests such an extension in writing. However, the Incomplete must be removed by the last day of classes of that semester, or the grade reverts to the grade specified by the contract granting the Incomplete. No Incomplete may remain on a graduating senior's transcript, and graduating seniors are ineligible for Incompletes in the semester that the degree is conferred.