St. Mary's College of Maryland

Withdrawing or Taking Leave of Absence from St. Mary's College of MAryland

When you decide to withdraw from the College, you are indicating that you plan to leave and not return. If you decide to return at a later date, you would need to reapply for admission like a new student.

As you complete the withdrawal form, you might also want to think about taking a leave of absence instead of withdrawing. A leave of absence is a request to leave the college temporarily, for a specified period of time. You retain your student status at SMCM so that you may resume your academic work after the leave period granted. Leaves are restricted to a maximum of three semesters (including the semester in which the leave begins) and must be approved by the office of the registrar (if prior to the end of the first two weeks of classes); or by the vice president and dean of the college or by the associate provost for academic services (if after the first two weeks of classes).

To take either a leave or to withdraw, complete the "Withdrawal and Leave of Absence" form. Before you complete the forms, please take a few minutes to read the following information; it may help you decide the option that best fits your circumstance and could save you time and inconvenience.

The withdrawal process begins as you read these instructions and complete the form. You should not only meet with the vice president and dean of the college or associate provost for academic services, but should meet with advisers in the Office of Financial Aid, or the Business Affairs (Margaret Brent) prior to leaving campus. At times it is useful to talk with the Associate Dean for Residence Life to discuss housing options following a leave of absence.

Academic Services. Doubtless some event has caused you to consider withdrawing from the College. Academic Services is the place to help you understand options or implications for your current coursework, even if you decide to stay enrolled. The associate provost for academic services may also have advice to help you preserve or improve your current academic status. In any case, understanding your academic options is information well worth having.

Financial Aid. If you receive any financial aid from the College you must stop by the Office of Financial Aid for an exit interview before you leave. Strict guidelines concerning the use of funds apply to you and to the College. You need to understand the implications of transferring to another college, the repayment of outstanding loans, and the status of your financial aid while you're on leave.

Business Affairs. Before leaving the College, please check with the Business Office to verify the status of your student account.