Preventing and Reporting Academic Misconduct


Research shows that students plagiarize when they feel trapped.

That happens -

You can reduce plagiarism by:

Prevent cheating by:


Steps to Reporting Academic Misconduct.

Step I: Gather all evidence to support the allegation, such as photocopying similar exam answers, printing excerpts from web, etc.

Step II: Faculty member may call the Dean of Faculty's office or consult with the Associate Dean of Academic Services on possible actions to take without disclosing the student's name.  Faculty may also consult other colleagues without disclosing the student's name.

Step III: Fill out the Academic Misconduct Incident Form and make three copies

Step IV: Confront and talk to the student about the misconduct and give them a copy of the incident form.  Keep a copy for your records.

Step V: Submit a copy of the form to the Associate Dean of Academic Services with documentation along with the evidence supporting the allegation.

For a more detailed reporting procedure and information, consult  the Judical Procedures for Academic Misconduct in "To The Point"

Further Thoughts on Academic Misconduct for Faculty