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Wu Yifan

Photo of Wu Yifan (吴一帆), Class of 2013

Wu Yifan (吴一帆), Class of 2013

Shanghai, China

High School:
Shanghai Foreign Language School

Major :
Major in Biology, Minor in Math

College involvement:
For Goodness Sake(Volunteer Society), Circle K

Q. What made you choose St. Mary's?

It is a beautiful college. Small classes... I really want to experience a place which differs from city life.


Q. What is your favorite course so far?

Modern Dance


Q. If you can only use one word to describe SMCM, what would you say?



Q. Looking back in time, what do you want to say to yourself when you first entered the college?

Don't take biology in the first semester, because it was so hard.


Q. What advice do you have for international students who are thinking of studying in America?

Be considerate of your own future. Take some Spanish classes if it is possible.

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