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Hello from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  I am Dr. Wesley Jordan, faculty director of international admissions.  I’m also a professor of neurosciences and psychology.  Each year, I have the pleasure of visiting some of the best high schools in Vietnam, and interviewing the top students who are interested in studying in the U.S. 

St. Mary’s teaches students to be clear thinkers who can discuss complex ideas and write persuasively.  These skills are fundamental to becoming leaders and entrepreneurs.  Most classes at St. Mary’s are small discussion seminars. Exams include essays, not only multiple-choice exams used at larger universities in the United States.
As one of the top-rated colleges in the United States, St. Mary’s is excited about its growing relationship with students from Vietnam.  St. Mary’s students earn a bachelor’s degree in preparation for graduate work at the finest research universities in America.  60% of our students enter advanced programs (Ph.D., M.D, M.B.A.) after receiving their undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s.  St. Mary’s graduates have entered advanced programs at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Stanford, and the University of California at Berkeley, to name just a few universities.
In America, students at a college study all subjects and work with teachers in small classes to earn a bachelor’s degree.  This is different than in Asia, where colleges typically are technical schools.  Universities in America are more focused on research and graduate school education.  

Prof. Wesley Jordan 
Faculty Director of International Admissions
St. Mary's College of Maryland

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