St. Mary's College of Maryland Foundation Scholarships

At St. Mary's, no tradition is greater than that of each generation giving to those who follow. Scholarships help St. Mary's to attract the best and brightest students and to achieve our mission of remaining accessible, affordable, and diverse. Students inquiring about scholarship criteria should direct their questions to the Office of Financial Aid or the appropriate department. For a list of convocation and other awards, click here.

Eleanor Quirk Abbey Current Fund

Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund

Warner S. Ashby Endowed Fund

Baltimore City Scholarships

Justin Bates Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

John Bell Intern Scholarship Current Fund

Beltway Companies Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Black Student Union Student of Excellence Scholarship

Paul Blanchette Chemistry Award Current Fund

Jim and Linda Bodycomb Endowed Scholarship Fund

Boone Endowed Scholarship

Dave and Erna Brown China Studies Current Fund

Cindy Broyles Endowed Scholarship Fund

Donny and Cathy Bryan Endowed Scholarship Fund

F. Elliott Burch, Sr. and Elizabeth B. Burch '27 Fund

Calvert County Scholarship

S. Ethel Chance Scholarship

Charles County Scholarship

Christine C. Cihlar Memorial Music Scholarship

The Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Pat Collins Calvert County Scholarship

The Colonial Dames of America, Chapter I of Baltimore, Award

Ruth Marie Cooper Endowed Scholarship Fund

Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust's Ruth Mathes Scholarship Program

Vicki Ann Daniels Memorial Scholarship

Hampton Davey Scholarship

Dallas P. Dean Master of Arts in Teaching Scholarship

Double 'A' Cabaret Endowed Scholarship Fund

William F. Everhart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marvin C. Franzen Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alexander Fraser Memorial Award

Josette Marie Gandara Memorial Award

Joe and Kathy Garner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Amanda Leigh Gerek Endowed Scholarship Fund

Carol Giesen and Laraine Glidden Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kathryn W. Glockner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gough-Broun Scholarship Fund

Bonnie Marie Green Scholarship Fund

Dorothea and Charles Greene Endowed Scholarship

Norman M. and Eleanor H. Gross Scholarship Fund

Ardith Z. Harle MAT Scholarship

Maurine Holbert Hogaboom Endowed Scholarship Fund

Anne Harrison Armistead I'Anson Scholarship

Arthur E. Landers, Jr. and Hilda Combs Landers Endowed Scholarship Fund

Loats Foundation Scholarship

Suzanne Lussier-Jones and Ronald F. Jones Endowed Scholarship

Maryland Bank & Trust Scholarship Fund in Memory of John T. Daugherty

Maryland National Scholarship Program

Marilyn Mathes Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ann F. Matukaitis Memorial Award for Human Services

Ho Nguyen Scholarship for Study in Asia

Olivi-Belloni Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Natalie Parran and Ben Parran Award

Nicholas Talarico Paskowsky Memorial Award in International Education

Chester A. and Mary R. Personette Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sarah Michele Guineviere Pyles Memorial Scholarship

The Roberts Family Financial Aid Endowment

Maxwell B. Roberts Music Scholarship Fund

Rhoda K. Roberts Memorial Scholarship in the Vocal Arts

May Russell Endowed Scholarship Fund

St. Mary's County Scholarship

William Donald Schaefer Internship Program for Government Service

Joshua L. Siegert Memorial Scholarship for Future Educators

SMECO Scholarship

Lucy Franklin Spedden Endowed Scholarship Fund

Don Stabile Scholars

James D. and Jane S. Stone Fund

Francis E. and Loretta A. Taylor Endowed Scholarship

William Edward Tull Scholarship

Joseph and Lesley Urgo Endowed Scholarship

Thomas Vollman Memorial Study Abroad Award

Charlotte Ledley Wallace Endowed Scholarship Fund

H. Thomas Waring Scholarship Fund

H. Thomas Waring World Fund

Anne Skone Weaver Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ike Weiner and Eleanor Weiner Perlman Endowed Scholarship Fund

John H. and Esther B. Welsh Endowed Music Scholarship Fund

Dr. Charles W. and Eliza R. Willis Memorial Scholarship Fund

John and Andrea Wobensmith Current Scholarship Fund 

Tommy Yeager Scholarship Fund

Alice Fleury Zamanakos and Arthur S. Zamanakos Music Fellowship in Alba, Italy