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St. Mary’s offers a year-long Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program for students who wish to enter the teaching profession following completion of their undergraduate degree.

Our MAT graduates are in great demand both in Maryland schools and nationally, and go on to excel in all areas of teaching specialization.

Change the world: teach!

Learn more about Mike Ennis, Louis Sheppard, and other St. Mary’s students in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program at St. Mary’s.

Consider Nicole Chaplin '07 (MAT '08), who has been recognized for her teaching in Texas. Or Corey Ahearn ’08 (MAT ’09), who received the 2012-13 Outstanding Educator Award in Special Education from the Montgomery County PTA. Or Mike Ennis ’09 (MAT ’10), who as a young department chair in Prince George’s County helped turned around his school’s performance under new accountability requirements.

Over the 11 months of the MAT program, students switch between periods of coursework on campus and full-time work in a school. These work placements are primarily in local schools, but about one third of MAT students elect to teach abroad. For example, Elise Kielik ’12 (MAT ’13) taught phonics to small children in The Gambia. Louis Sheppard ’10 (MAT ’11) came away from his teaching stint in Costa Rica with improved Spanish-speaking skills and a greater appreciation of the strengths of the United States’ educational system.

Learn more about the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at St. Mary’s.