Archaeology Spotlight

 Archaeology Lab, Kent Hall 320

Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


Faculty and Student Spotlight

Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.


Study Abroad with Anthropology

"Anthropology provides a scientific basis for dealing with the crucial dilemma of the world today: how can peoples of different appearance...and dissimilar ways of life get along peaceably together?"~Clyde Kluckhohn

There are many opportunities to study abroad with the Anthropology Department. St. Mary's College has several IN programs including study tour opportunities. Many of these opportunities are cross listed with other departments. Please visit the International Education website for more details.

Full Semester options

The Gambia, West Africa

Semesters in The Gambia, West Africa, combine integrated coursework at the University of The Gambia with study of the Wolof language and Gambian society, and opportunities for service-learning and individualized research projects.  To hear about student's experience abroad and connect with our staff and alumni, pease visit our facebook page.

Naming Ceremony in The Gambia Renee and Gambian Children Summer 07' Gambia Group


Chiang Mai, Thailand

SMCM has partnered with Payap University to offer students the opportunity to study Thai and Southeast Asian studies at Payap University. In addition to academic work, the program offers students several learning opportunities that take place outside of the classroom. These opportunities allow students to apply their course work to everyday activities.

Loi Katong Festival ThailandThailand

Study Tour opportunities

The Gambia Field Studies Program

A six week field course offered biennially in The Gambia affords students to conduct ethnographic or archaeological research.  The next offering is the Summer of 2014.  For more information contact Dr. Bill Roberts (ethnographic interests) or Dr. Liza Gijanto (archaeology).

 Dr. Bill Roberts on a village visit with students.

Himalayan Odyssey, India

A three week tour of India that will introduce students to the culture and religious traditions of India in the North West Himalayan regions along the Ganges River. For more information visit the tour's website.