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Admissions Pond

St. Mary's Arboretum Association Members

Charles L. Adler, Mathematics Associate Professor, St. Mary's College, cladler@smcm.edu

Alex Bates, student, St. Mary's College of Maryland  aebates@smcm.edu

Daniel S. Branigan, Director of Design and Construction, St. Mary's College dsbranigan@smcm.edu

Lee W. Capristo, Director of Publications and Media Relations, St. Mary's College lwcapristo@smcm.edu

Michael Carver, Major Gifts Officer, St. Mary's College  mfcarver@smcm.edu

Katherine R. Chandler, English Associate Professor, St. Mary's College krchandler@smcm.edu

Stephanie J. Enoch, web services, St. Mary's College sjenoch@smcm.edu

Ellie Chetelat, student, St. Mary's College ecchetelat@smcm.edu

Holly L. Gorton, Biology Professor, St. Mary's College hlgorton@smcm.edu

Steve Gregory, Assistant Superintendent of Grounds, St. Mary's College swgregory@smcm.edu

Jonathan Holtzman, student, St. Mary's College jrholtzman@smcm.edu

Lucas Irvin, student, St. Mary's College lirvin@smcm.edu

Charles C. Jackson, Associate Vice President Planning and Facilities, St. Mary's College ccjackson@smcm.edu

Julia King, Museum Studies Associate Professor, St. Mary's College jking@smcm.edu

Cheryl Krumke, Master Gardener and Grounds Staff, St. Mary's College of Maryland cikrumke@smcm.edu

Jonathan Linn, GIS advisor and Adjunct Professor, St. Mary's College JONATHAN.K.LINN@saic.com

Alicia Lyons, Conferences and Events coordinator, St. Mary's College arlyons@smcm.edu

Justin Mattingly, Certified Arborist and Grounds staff, St. Mary's College of Maryland jmmattingly@smcm.edu

Christine Moore, Herb Garden Curator, National Arboretum, St. Mary's College alumnus Christine.Moore@ARS.USDA.GOV

Jackie Paskow, community member, Ridge, MD.  Professor Emerita of International Languages and Cultures, St. Mary's College, and Master Gardener  jmpaskow@smcm.edu

Catherine Ray, community member, Drayden, MD. St. Mary's College alumnus catharine.ray@wyle.oom

Maureen Silva, Vice President for Advancement, St. Mary's College mcsilva@smcm.edu

Clint R. Slocum, student, St. Mary's College crslocum@smcm.edu

David M. Sushinsky, Director of Alumni Relations and alumnus, St. Mary's College dmsushinsky@smcm.edu

Elaine Szymkowiak, Representative of the St. Mary's River Watershed Association efszymkowiak@smcm.edu

Jacqueline U. Takacs, Watershed Specialist, University of Maryland and St. Mary's College jutakacs@smcm.edu

Bethany Van Waes, Student, St. Mary's College  bvanwaes@smcm.edu

Jennifer Walker, Sustainability Fellow, St. Mary's College jawalker1@smcm.edu

William E. Williams, Biology Professor, St. Mary's College wewillliams@smcm.edu

Ernest Willoughby, Biology Professor Emeritus, St. Mary's College ejwilloughby@smcm.edu

David Wood, Student, St. Mary's College dmwood@smcm.edu

Jennifer C.M. Wright, Technology Specialist, St. Mary's College jcwright@smcm.edu


Technical Advisor:

Dr. Richard Olsen, Plant Pathologist, National Arboretum, Washington, DC.  Richard.olsen@ars.usda.gov


Past student members:

Caitlin D. Cyrus, SMCM '12, cdcyrus@smcm.edu

Jessica L. Ditillo, SMCM '11, jlditillo@smcm.edu

Daniel Ruthenberg-Marshall, SMCM '11, druthenbergmarshall@smcm.edu

Ainsley Thomson, SMCM '13, aathomson@smcm.edu

Alexander Walls, Student, SMCM '13, atwalls@smcm.edu