Spring 2014

Art and Art History Event Calendar


Life Model Sessions

Every Tuesday Starting February 4

8:30-10:00 PM, Montgomery Hall

Visiting Artist Talk: Kathleen Hall

February 26th, 4:45 PM, Library 321

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Sachs 


Sarah received her BA in Studio Art from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2006. In 2008, she received her Masters of Art in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and in 2009 she received her Masters of Fine Art in Photography and Digital Imaging, also from Maryland Institute College of Art. Through her fine art work, Sarah explores the dichotomy between human and digital memory, how the two influence one another, and how they are affected by natural and technological elements of decay. She hopes to create a dialogue about the relationships between personal memory, society’s collective memory, and collective cultural identity. 

Sarah Sachs Photography


Art Student Resources > Career Options

Like all liberal arts degrees, there are no limits on the directions students might take after graduation. With an art studio or art history focus, one can become an artist, work in a museum, do graduate work in art or art history in order to teach at the college level, or complete education certification for art instruction at the elementary or secondary levels. Graduates can also pursue art conservation, work the block at an art auction house, or curate corporate art collections. These are just some of the options directly related to art studio and art history. Many students use their art background in a variety of professions, from biological research to Web design. For more information, contact a member of the faculty in art and art history, or the career center.

Career Options for Art Historians | Career Options for Studio Artists with a BA | Other Studio Art Options | Thinking About Graduate School?

Career Options for Art Historians (Required Degrees)

Entry Level Positions (BA):

  • Exhibition Installation
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Museum retail
  • Museum Publications
  • Registrar Office Assistant – databases, object cataloging, archives, object/image rights
  • Assistant in Curatorial, Education, Development, Administrative, Conservation Departments
  • Visual Information Specialist

Other Positions may require advanced degree(s)

  • Academic, Professor - Community College, College/University (MA, PhD)
  • High School Teacher, AP Art History (BA)
  • Museum Professional (BA, MA)
  • Curator (PhD)
  • Administrator (MA, PhD)
  • Registrar (MA, PhD)
  • Development (MA or MBA)
  • Education (MA)
  • Art Law (BA, MA and/or JD)
  • Gallery Assistant, Auction House (BA, MA, PhD – dependent on position)
  • Conservation/Preservation
  • Art Librarian, Visual Resource Curator, Art Information Specialist (MA, MLS)
  • Corporate Curator, Art Investment, Art Management (BA, BBA, MA and/or MBA helpful)
  • Arts Administration - Non-Profit, Government Agencies, etc. (BA, MA, PhD – dependent on position)
  • Publishing, Editor, Freelance Writing, Criticism (BA, MA, PhD – dependent on what you want to do)

Career Options for studio artists with a BA in studio art

  • Art Handler/Preparator in galleries/gallery assistant
  • Education dept. at museums
  • Teaching workshops at local arts organizations Framing
  • Art stores
    (going to supplier websites and looking for jobs)
  • Technical positions at colleges and universities
    (Ex. Studio tech, lab tech)
  • Studio assistant/photo assistant
  • Website design
  • Scenic painter
  • Studio tech or facilities jobs at art organizations (like residencies)
  • Visual Information Specialist

Other Studio Art Options

Artist Residencies
Artist residencies are opportunities for artists to get away and work full time on their work. They are particularly useful if you do not have the space to make work at home, if you need the time to build a body of work, or if you get paid for attending. Some residencies receive funding through the NEA and in turn the residency programs support individual artists. The connections you make at a residency can help build a network of artists.

Useful website:

Grants, Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships
Grants are competitive monetary awards that are given based on a written proposal and review of a body of work. Awards are usually given based on review of work alone. Scholarships and Fellowships are usually monetary awards that are applied to a specific program. They sometimes are in exchange for work.

All should be listed on your resume.

Employment Opportunity Websites
National Endowment for the arts - resource page Maryland state arts council - Resources section CAA – College Art Association
Smithsonian Jobs Tracker
Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance Artist Opportunity/Job Listings