Program Highlight

Chiang Mai River

Are you interested in a spending a term in India? Consider a semester-abroad program at Pondicherry University, located in a beautiful seaside town in Southern India where local people speak Tamil, Hindi and French!

All majors can be accommodated: the university has programs in biodiversity, language, philosophy, anthropology, biology, physics, english, economics, religious studies and other disciplines. A 17-day study tour of south India is integrated into the semester, with possibilities for travel in the North.

Please contact Dan Meckel for more information. 

SMP Spotlight

Brick Lane

Rachael Carter, “Chicken Tikka Masala: Literature of the South Asian Diaspora in Britain,” Class of 2007.

50% of non-white Britons are of South Asian descent, and the multiple south Asian communities and cultures of Great Britain—focused in London—are a vibrant part of national life. Using four novels written by Britons of South Asian descent, this St. Mary's Project explores the impact and aftermath of reverse colonization in Great Britain.

 Study Abroad

The Asian Studies major and minor require language study either here or abroad, and strongly recommend a study abroad experience.