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Alumni Spotlight

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Biology SMP Presentations 2006

Balla, Agnes: The Genetic Modification of Crops: An Analysis of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) Corn in the United States (Jordan Price)

Bates, Justin: The Canis Conflict (Robert Paul)

Bradford, Stepheny: Handedness Reversal in the Fiddler Crab (Uca Minax) (Walter Hatch)

Bradley, Sally: Should we be worried about the future of the Atlantic menhaden? (Christopher Tanner)

Custead, Michelle: Study of Hemogregarians and Trypanosomes in Australian Freshwater Turtles (Jeffrey Byrd)

Divens, Laura: The Threat of Bioterrorism in the US and an Ethical Analysis of Current Biodefense Protocols (Rachel Myerowitz)

Erhard, Amanda: Terri Schaivo: The Biology and Ethics Behind the Story (Holly Gorton)

Fisher, Colleen: The Effect of Hormonally based Contraceptives and Intrauterine Devices on Future Fertility (Rachel Myerowitz)

Francella, Nick: Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana Grown in Direct and Diffuse Light (William Williams)

Hanley, Olivia: An Investigation into the Discovery and Development of Chemotherapeutic Agents (Holly Gorton)

Hayden, Jessica: Quantifying the presence of Karlodinium micrum in DE, MD, & VA waters (Robert Paul)

Herman, Demaris: Educating Middle School Students on Environmental Change (William Williams)

Ichniowski, Mary: Can we save the Bay? A look at the role of smart growth in the Chesapeake Bay region (Christopher Tanner)

Johnson, Kim: Conservation Biology and the Great Barrier Reef (William Williams)

Larkin, Robin: The Effect of Heated Fructose-phosphate Solution on Bacillus cercus Spores (Jeffrey Byrd)

Massie, Thomas: The effect of hippotherapy on ROM and spasticity in the adductor muscles of the hip in children with spastic cerebral palsy (Walter Hatch)

McKone, Katie: The role of salinity in the disease resistance of eelgrass to the wasting disease pathogen Labyrinthula zosterae (Christopher Tanner)

Mitchell, Shermaine: Speaking out on the Silent Killer: Hypertension in the African American Community (Jordan Price)

Moore, Lauren: How neurological disorders affect the feet: the relationship between Down Syndrome and podiatry (Walter Hatch)

Moore, Sarah: Effect of the Allelopathic Chemical Juglone on Seed Germination and the Outcome of Interspecific Com (Holly Gorton)

Morgan, Chris: The Expression of Calmodulin 1 and Calmodulin 3 in Type 2 Gaucher as Assayed by Real Time PCR (Rachel Myerowitz)

Motanya, Nneka: Is Cerebral Ischemia from Acts of Self-Asphyxiation (strangulation) a New Recreational Drug? (Walter Hatch)

Nicholson, Brandie: Bio-Ethics of Stem Cell Research (Christopher Tanner)

O'Hara, Katie: The Environmental Impact of Genetically Modified Crops in Comparison to Conventional Crops and Moder (Jordan Price)

Owings, Josh: A unique secretory intertase is functionally conserved amongst pathogenic species of Leishmania (Jeffrey Byrd)

Phung, Annie: Nutrition and Skeletal Disease in the 17th century Colonial Chesapeake (Holly Gorton)

Reidy, Karen: Creation of a Knock-In Mouse for Ewing�s Sarcoma Using a Conditional Targeting Strategy (Rachel Myerowitz)

Reynolds, Kate: Improving Type 1 Diabetes Treatment; Could Resveratrol Reduce Apoptosis in Islet Cell Transplant? (Jeffrey Byrd)

Romaine, Jennifer: Restoration possibilities for the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in the Chesapeake Bay (Christopher Tanner)

Rust, Robert: Fire and Plant Community Composition on the Mazar Wildlife Reserve, Sangay National Park, Ecuador (Robert Paul)

Schaughency, Paul: Creating Females: The Effects of Ethinyl Estradiol on Sexual Development in Hermaphroditic Rivulus M (Rachel Myerowitz)

Simms, Tiffany: Exploring My Backyard: Bay Trek Youth Summer Camp (William Williams)

Stephanos, John: Designing tropical marine microcosmsms (Walter Hatch)

Thompson, Elizabeth: Ballast Water Regulation: A Critique of the National Invasive Species Act of 1996 (Robert Paul)

Travers, Allison: Exploring the optimal storage conditions for eelgrass (Zostera marina) seeds to be used in restoration projects (Christopher Tanner)

Tucker, Tatiana: A Mechanism for Consuming Convolutriloba retrogemma, a Toxic Flatworm (Holly Gorton)

Zalesak, Phillip: Tay-Sachs Disease and Future Prospects for Therapy (Rachel Myerowitz)

Zitnick, Kim: Structural and Biological Shoreline Erosion Control: All Natural? (Robert Paul)

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