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Submerged Aquatic Vegitation

Students and Faculty work closely together on the St. Mary's River Project to increase the population of S.A.V.


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Alumni Spotlight

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SMP presentations - 2008


Zachary Borman: “Gene Expression Microarray Analysis of Two Sublines of HMC1 Human Mast Cell Line” (Kerry)

Craig Sturgeon: “Timeline of Intestinal Distension Seen in elt-2 and elt-7 knockdown C. elegans” (Kerry)

Rebecca Lyzinski: “Using a Mathematical Model to Describe and Predict the Population of Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) in the Chesapeake Bay” (Kerry)

Kali Gates: “Role of ELT transcription factors in C. elegans survival to pathogens”. (Kerry)

Khachatryan, Alexandra  “Analysis of the Ketogenic Diet as an Effective Treatment for Epilepsy” (Byrd)

Rice, Rachel The origin of intercalated structures during regeneration of Ambystoma mexicanum (Crawford)

Rowena Conway “Effects of Diffuse vs. Direct Light on Photosynthesis” (Williams)

Hartman Rosemary   “Untapped Resources: an evaluation of several invasive plant species for introduction into the American diet” (Gorton)

Rachel Clement "Parachuting in the strawberry poison dart frog, Dendrobates pumilio" (Price)

Alexander Arguello "Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the 'rudis' species complex of the ant genus 'Aphaenogaster' (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)" (Price)

Anna Murphy "Effect of Brominated Flame Retardants on the Mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum." (Crawford)

Kelley Hernandez “Analysis of the Anterior Region in Lumbriculus Variegatus, Getting A Head of Oneself" (Crawford)

Luke Whalen “Reconstructing Plumage Evolution in the Oropendolas and Caciques” (Price)

Jacob Smith "Sound Source Localization in Fish" (Ramcharitar)

Katherine Clark "Worming the way through the Human vermiform appendix" (Williams)

Elizabeth Northfield "The Role of Growth Factors in Intercalary Regeneration and Bone Healing." (Crawford)

Viani Kamleu  “Phytoplankton Population and its Relationship to Water Reflectance” (Myerowitz)

Pablo Barreyro "Applications for Biochemical indicators in studying stress and metabolism in Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus)" (Tanner)

Mary Clapp "Decoding the evolutionary history of croakers and drums using molecular phylogenetics." (Price)

Christina Haramis "The effects of aquatic interactions between wild dolphins and humans" (Tanner)

Brian Russell “Effects of heavy metals on growth rates in Crassostrea virginica” (Tanner)

Tammy Zemke "Growth of Helianthus annus in Direct vs Diffuse Light" (Williams)

Lee Ramsey “"Oyster Aquaculture in the Chesapeake Bay" (Tanner)

Doug Decker "Relationship between Water Quality and Waterbird Community Integrity on the St. Mary’s River." (Price)


Amber Buel: “Microarray Analysis of ELT-2 controlled gene expression in the C. elegans immune response to Enterococcus faecalis” wishes to do a poster presentation. (Kerry)

Bridgin Lee: “Analysis of the HPV Vaccine and its Potential for Distribution” wishes to do a poster presentation. (Kerry)

Megan Turner : “The Efficacy of 3-trimethoxysilylpropyldimethyloctadecylammonium chloride (Polyquat) as an Anti-Microbial Surface Polymer” (Byrd)

Alice Volpitta “How do direct and diffuse light differentially affect chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in morphologically distinct leaves?” (Gorton)

Salome Kyei “Medicinal Impact of the Vinca minor Alkaloids Vinpocetine and Vincamine in the Treatment of Dementia” (Byrd)

Constance Foreman "The Genetic and Cultural Influences on the Prevalence of Obesity in African-American Women" (Myerowitz)

Samantha Roy  “Can Cranberry Extracts Inhibit UV-Induced Mutagenesis?” (Byrd)

Courtney Kiphart “Optimization of the Purification of a Leishmania Secretory Nuclease” (Byrd)

Neil Feldman "Synthesis of beta-hexosaminidase B and proposed aptamer-based treatment of CNS related lysosomal storage disorders." (Myerowitz)

Emily Bzdyk "a guide to native plants of Historic St. Mary's City" (Williamns)

Kulveen Virdee “The spatial-temporal expression patterns of β-catenin and MAPK in the development of Logilo pealei using immunocytochemistry." (Crawford)

Gabriella Zabel "A Comparison of the Biodiversity of Two Tributaries of the St. Mary's River". (Williams)

Helen Overman  “The Germination and Growth Rate of Zostera marina seeds and adult plants when planted with Ruppia maritime” (Tanner)

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