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Submerged Aquatic Vegitation

Students and Faculty work closely together on the St. Mary's River Project to increase the population of S.A.V.


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Alumni Spotlight

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2010 SMP Presentations


Ashworth, Alexa, "An evolutionary force on the human genome." (Jeffrey Byrd)

Barnes, Andrew, "Effect of Farnesol on Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans mixed species biofilm." (Jeffrey Byrd)

Beattie, Lindsay,"The effects of Lithium Chloride on embryonic MAPK expression in the Squid, Loligo pealei." (Karen Crawford)

Beaulieu, Kathryn, "Creation of an Escherichia coli OP50 transposon insertion mutant library." (Samantha Elliott)

Brown, Daniel,"The effect of prey type on intraspecific kleptoparasitism; empirically evaluating a game theory model." (Jordan Price)

Brunner, Elizabeth , "Factors affecting cyanobacterial nitrogen-fixation on the Sassafras River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay." (Robert Paul)

Chergui, Adel, "The search for a CDK4 pseudogene in mouse." (Rachel Myerowitz)

David, Katherine,"Examining Intercalary regeneration of Ambystoma mexicanum limbs using GFP blastemas." (Karen Crawford)

Espinoza, Stephanie , "The Regulation of Immune Genes by ELT-2 in Caenorhabditis elegans: Validation of microarray results through analysis of published results." (Samantha Elliott)

Gibbons, Kaitlin, "Pressure mechanosensory neuron interactions and connections in the leeches Macrobdella decora and Hirudo verbena." (Mike Baltzley)

Gonda-King, Liahna, "The Importance of Light Conditions and Species Interactions in the Invasive Grass, M. vimineum." (Christopher Tanner)

Gyorgy, Noah,"Applied biology in the modern brewing industry." (Jeff Byrd)

Hemady, Karim, "Niche partitioning in Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura) and Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus)." (Jordan Price)

Johnson, Shane,"The Neighborhood Watch in Coral Communities Testing for chemical alarm signaling in Capnella sp, and Paralemnalia sp." (Dr. Walter Hatch)

Leathers, John, "Embryonic sensitivity of Kryptolebias marmoratus to sexual development-disrupting chemicals Atrazine and Fadrozole." (Karen Crawford)

Nugent, Kenneth, "Identification of unknown bacterial soil isolates from a two year fallow organic field." (Jeff Byrd)

Selckmann, Gordon, "An investigation of the teleost sensory saccular epithelia: cranial nerve arborization and innervation of the saccule sensory epithelia." (John Ramcharitar)

Specht, Rachel, "The effects of Perchlorate on Lumbriculus variegatus regeneration." (Karen Crawford)

Travers, Deborah, "Survival assays In ELT-2 and ELT-7 knockdown Caenorhabditis elegans infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa." (Samantha Elliot)

VanBlargan, Laura, "The effect over time of gentamicin on goldfish auditory hair cell densities. " (John Ramcharitar)

Wright, Rebecca, "The effect of wave energy on Epiphyte Biomass and Diversity." (Christopher Tanner)