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Alumni Spotlight

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Biology - SMP presentations - 2011 

Oral Presentations 

Monday, May 2 

PRICE – Session Coordinator 

9:00 am – Michael Cyrana: “An alternate method for investigating sensory integration in largemouth (M. salmoides)” (Ramcharitar) 

9:20 – Jordan Gaines: “Does Fgf-10 induce intercalary limb regeneration in Ambystoma mexicanum?” (Crawford) 

9:40 – Katie Studholme: “A multifaceted approach to investigating nutrient anomalies near Johnson Bay, Maryland coastal bays, USA” (Tanner) 

10:00 – Brittany Creeden: “Chemical signals released by prey species serve as chemoattractants for non-obligate, bacterial predators” (Byrd) 

10:20 - BREAK 

TANNER – Session Coordinator 

10:40 am – Brad Dodson: “Modern surgery: a historical overview and analysis of the shift towards minimally invasive procedures” (Crawford) 

11:00 – Michael Tornabene: “St Mary's gone wild: a vegetative survey of both maintained and un-maintained lawns” (Gorton) 

11:20 – Chelsea McGlynn: “The effect of claw characteristics on the interactions of male red-jointed fiddler crabs (Uca minax)” (Ramcharitar) 

11:40 – Obiageri Okafor: “Determining the difference in the rate of nuclear trafficking inhibition by effectors of cardioviruses and rhinoviruses” (Elliott) 

12:00-2:00 - BREAK 

ELLIOTT – Session Coordinator 

2:00 pm – Gabriel Grace: “Fungal biodegradation of plastics” (Williams)  

2:20 – Robyn S. Allen: “Cellular contributions during affinophoresis in Ambystoma mexicanum” (Crawford) 

2:40 – Dietrich Epp-Schmidt: “The evolution of syllable repetition patterns in the Mimidae” (Price) 

3:00 – Amie Severino: “Effects of ethanol on mechanoreceptor activity in Hirudo verbana” (Baltzley) 

3:20 – BREAK 

WILLIAMS – Session Coordinator 

3:40 pm – Michael Studivan: “The effect of the oil dispersant Corexit® EC9500A on bleaching of the alcyonacean soft coral Xenia elongata” (Hatch)  

4:00 – Amanda Porter “Animal models in ototoxicity studies” (Ramcharitar) 

4:20 – Laura Sipe: “Subcloning and expression of RNA-binding motif 24, a protein hypothesized to function in RNA splicing” (Myerowitz) 

4:40 – Amanda Liebrecht: “Pathogen defense in the seagrass Zostera marina” (Tanner) 


Tuesday – May 3  

RAMCHARITAR – Session Coordinator 

2:00 pm –  Emily Kershner: “Upstream regulation of MAPK in squid embryos, Loligo pealei” (Crawford) 

2:20 – Emily Brinker: “Testing the nematicidal activity of Schedonorus arundinaceus (Schreb) and Salvia hispanica L. on the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita” (Elliott) 

2:40 – Mpho Lichaba: “An examination of the effects of grafting on salt tolerance in solanum vegetable crops” (Gorton) 

3:00 – Elizabeth Porter: “Investigating complex genetic diseases using genome-wide association studies: a fading method?” (Myerowitz) 

3:20 – BREAK 

GORTON – Session Coordinator 

3:40 pm – Cody Brack: “Short- and long-term effects of gentamicin on auditory thresholds in the goldfish (Carassius auratus)” (Ramcharitar) 

4:00 – Madeleine Gillis: “The effects of environmental conditions on great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) distribution in Mossel Bay, South Africa” (Tanner) 

4:20 – Samuel Burns: “Maximizing carbon sequestration through forest management in Maryland” (Williams)



First session 

Forrest Cole: “Bisphenol A effects on tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta) development” (Paul) 

William Egan: “Isolation of an antimicrobial compound from Xenia elongata using vacuum liquid chromatography” (Byrd) 

Anneka Pierzga: “Cataloging and leveraging the public and private concerns of the wildlife rehabilitation community in the Maryland – Virginia area” (Hatch) 


Second Session 

Amelia Ettinger: “Expression and regulation of homing markers on memory CD4+ T cell populations from macaques vaccinated by various routes with replication-competent adenovirus-SIV recombinants” (Elliott) 

Jessica Riesett:Stylochus ellipticus predation on Crassostrea virginica under low oxygen stress” (Paul) 

Keith Hines: “Bioluminescent biosensors: an analytical tool for the future” (Hatch) 

Uzair Raja: “Aerial dispersal of bacteria by evaporation” (Byrd) 


Third Session 

Alexandra Levy: “Bariatric surgery: is it worth the risk?” (Coughlin) 

Claire Solinsky: “Are we close to a malaria vaccine? A review of current malaria vaccine candidates” (Byrd) 

Sophia Traven: “The impact of spaceflight on the musculoskeletal system” (Crawford)