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Alumni Spotlight

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Samantha Elliott
Assistant Professor of Biology

Photo of Samantha Elliott

Departments: Biology
Office: Schaefer 233
Phone: 240-895-4376


Furman University, B.S. (Biology) and B.A. (German), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ph.D. (Microbiology and Immunology).

Courses Taught:

  • BIOL101 (Contemporary Bioscience)
  • BIOL105 (Principles of Biology I)
  • BIOL438 (Cell Physiology)
  • BIOL470 (Immunology)

Research Interests

How the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, fights off bacterial and fungal pathogens. I study specific genes in C. elegans that are important in its immune response. One set of genes that I study is a family of transcription factors (the ELT family) and their role in controlling important immune genes. I’m also interested in how C. elegans interacts with microorganisms in the soil.