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Submerged Aquatic Vegitation

Students and Faculty work closely together on the St. Mary's River Project to increase the population of S.A.V.


Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

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Bill Williams
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Photo of Bill Williams

Departments: Biology
Office: Schaefer 260
Phone: 240-895-4329


BA, June 1977, Biological Sciences, San José State University, San José, California; PhD, October, 1981, Biological Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford California.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research Interests

Current Research: The physiological ecology of light and leaves. In collaboration with Dr. H.L. Gorton and Thomas Vogelmann (University of Vermont), I am working on several aspects of the interaction between light and leaves in different environments and species of plants. Recent work involves the possible significance of autumnal anthocyanin synthesis on photosynthesis in maple (Acer spp).