Board of Trustees

Building and Grounds Committee

The purpose of the committee shall be a forum for discussion of those concerns and issues related to the physical plant of the College. The Committee shall consider all major changes, plans and proposals regarding new construction, renovation, and campus development when presented by the President. It shall be the duty of the Committee to make a yearly inspection and report to the Board on the physical properties of the College; to study the College’s need for additional facilities; and to perform other such special duties in regard to the building facilities and the College’s property as the Board may direct.Grand Opening of the Arboretum


Chair: Mike O'Brien '68
Lex Birney
Donny Bryan '73
Peg Duchesne '77
Gail Harmon
Glen Ives

Ex-officio members:

Chip Jackson, vice president for business and finance
Dan Branigan, associate vice president for planning and facilities
Joanne Goldwater, associate dean of students
Colby Caldwell, faculty representative
Derek Thorton, assistant vice president of operations
Taylor Schafer '15, student trustee
Kate Brennan '15, SGA President
Jake Wohl '15, SGA Vice President