Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Its primary responsibilities include serving as a monitor of progress on College planning goals and priorities, the effective functioning of the Board and its committees including providing advice on Board meeting agendas, and, through its Sub-Committee on Presidential Performance Review and Compensation, annually reviewing the chief executive’s performance through a process designed with the President and in consultation with all voting trustees. The Executive Committee is specifically delegated the authority to set the President’s and other officers’ compensation upon consideration of its sub-committees’ recommendations. Ordinarily, the Executive Committee shall meet no more often than does the full Board of Trustees. The minutes of all Executive Committee meetings shall be distributed to all voting Trustees within thirty (30) days and any formal actions taken shall be ratified by the Board of Trustees at its subsequent meeting.
Neil Irwin and Lex Birney


Gail Harmon
Lex Birney 
Cindy Broyles '79
Sven Erik Holmes 
Glen Ives 
Gary Jobson 
Larry Leak '76
John McAllister
Molly Mahoney Matthews
Mike O'Brien '68
John Wobensmith '93 

Ex-officio member: 
Ian Newbould, interim president