Board of Trustees

Finance, Investment and Audit Committee

The committee shall advise the Board regarding: 1) annual operating and capital budgets; 2) necessary changes in approved budgets that may be required in emergencies; 3) approval of the annual audit and recommendation of its acceptance by the Board of Trustees; and to the external auditor for the subsequent fiscal year; 4) necessary changes in the College’s accounting systems including personnel needs; 5) quality and format of financial reports and financial statements as well as their regular distribution to all Trustees; 6) investment performance and reports; and 7) adequacy of internal accounting controls, risk-management systems, regulatory compliance procedures, and trustee and officer conflict-of-interest and disclosure policies.


Chair: John Wobensmith '93 
Tim Broas
Donny Bryan '73
Sven Holmes
Ann McDaniel
Jim Muldoon
Gail Harmon

Ex-officio members:  

Ian Newbould, interim president 
Chip Jackson, vice president for business and finance
Deborah Lawrence, faculty representative