Board of Trustees

Trustee Governance Committee

The committee’s primary responsibilities are to ensure that: 1) members of the Board of Trustees and its officers are highly qualified and committed to advancing the College and meeting the Board’s responsibilities with consideration of skills, experience, and such other considerations including a healthy inclusion of successful College graduates as it shall determine; 2) each year prior to the annual meeting the committee seeks nominations and presents candidates for Board officers to the full Board at the annual meeting; 3) the performance of all Trustees and Board officers is thoughtfully reviewed prior to their possible re-nomination to the Board of Trustees, consistent with these Bylaws and the Board’s adopted Statement of Commitment and Responsibilities; and 4) periodic programs of orientation to trusteeship and the College are offered for newly elected Trustees, as well as in-service education programs for all Trustees. Heely and Holmes


Chair: Sven Erik Holmes
Cindy Broyles '79
Tim Heely 
Gary Jobson
Molly Mahoney Matthews
Mike O'Brien '68
Gail Harmon 

Ex-officio members:

Ian Newbould, interim president
Kathy Grimes, assistant vice president for trustee relations