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Our Mission

We conduct the business affairs of St. Mary's College of Maryland by carrying out our responsibilities for accounting, budgeting, purchasing, and contract and grant administration. We develop and apply our knowledge of financial practices and standards to safeguard, account for, and manage the College's assets. As responsible members of the College team, we are committed to being accurate, timely, responsive, innovative, and resourceful in our performance.

We work hard, yet we continually strive to identify and implement ways in which to work smart. Through our commitment to excellence, we assist each department of the College and thereby contribute to the provision of an excellent, undergraduate liberal arts education. Those who rely on our work include students--present, past, and future--faculty, staff, officers, and the board of trustees.

Our services also extend to vendors, state and federal governmental agencies, the Southern Maryland community, and the taxpayers of the state of Maryland. We are dedicated to being helpful and courteous to those we serve.