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Corporate Purchasing Card: General Information and Application Form

The State of Maryland has implemented a "procurement card" (VISA) for the use of State agencies. Any department within the College may apply for a procurement card by contacting the purchasing office at 4307.


The Maryland State Comptroller's Office, General Accounting Division (GAD), is responsible for the Statewide contract administration of the Corporate Purchasing Card Program. The General Accounting Division is responsible for issuing overall policy guidance, paying the Bank of America for all purchases/credits made by the participating agencies, and posting the related agency charges/credits to the State's central financial accounting system.


On the 25th of every month (unless the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday) the GAD will automatically pay all charges/credits to the USbank, and the College's charges/credits will then be posted to the State's central financial accounting records where they will appear in the monthly reports the State sends the College.

Each Cardholder will receive a monthly statement from the Bank, usually within a week of the 25th of the month. In order for the College's General Accounting office to reconcile against the State's central financial accounting system, it is vital that all card holders reconcile their bank statement and forward the reconciliation to the Accounts Payable office within 3 to 5 days.

Each Cardholder shall maintain an Activity Log Sheet (copy attached) for recording each purchase and/or credit made with the card.

Documentation is required for all purchases and credits. Acceptable documentation shall include:

  • Bank statement signed by cardholder
  • Completed Activity Log sheet filled signed by cardholder and budget manager
  • Itemized sales slip OR Itemized packing slip, OR Itemized cash register receipt, OR itemized repair order attached to Activity Log Sheet.

After receiving the bank statement, the cardholder should match the Activity Log sheet and documentation for every purchase charge and/or credit to the bank statement before sending it to accounts payable. If any documentation is missing, reasonable attempts should be made to obtain a copy of the appropriate documentation from the vendor.

A pattern of missing documentation or documentation turned in late to "accounts payable" may result in the loss of Corporate Purchasing Card privileges.

When completed, the original bank statement, properly authorized Activity Log Sheet, and original documentation for every purchase/credit shall be forwarded to Accounts Payable.

Record Retention:

Each Cardholder shall maintain a permanent file with a copy of the Activity Log and supporting documentation for auditing purposes. The files are subject to audit by the Office of the State Comptroller, Office of Legislative Audits, and any other duly authorized auditors. Only after the files have been audited may they be destroyed.


The Cardholder who has been issued a Corporate Purchasing Card must secure and control the card at all times. Each Cardholder is responsible for his/her own card security.

The Bank of America will reissue cards every twenty-four (24) months to each active cardholder.

The College's Purchasing Office will process all new cards, all cancellations, and all lost cards.

Use of Cards:

Each card will have an established credit limit of up to $5,000 per transaction. Lower or higher limits and/or further restrictions may be established for Cardholders if required by the Budget Manager or General Accounting Office.

Specific Restrictions:

Corporate Purchasing Cards can NOT be used for any of the following Merchant Category Code Groups (MCCG):

  • Capital outlays for major projects;
  • Travel: Airline, buses, trains or other travel charges. Note: The corporate purchasing card can be used for hotel reservations.
  • Service Providers - MCC#6100 through 7033 to include Financial Institutions, Securities Brokers, Timeshares, etc.
  • Personal Service Providers - MCC#7210 through 7299 to include Laundry, Dating & Escort Services, Massage Parlors, etc.
  • Amusement and Entertainment - MCC#7829 through 7999 to include Motion Picture Theaters, Bowling Alleys, Video Game Clubs, Betting, Golf, Recreation Services, etc.
  • Contracted Services - 1099 Vendors for unincorporated services (honorariums, etc.). Any services that may be IRS Form 1099 reportable are NOT authorized.;
  • Miscellaneous -
    • Drinking Places (alcoholic beverages) Mcc#5813
    • Eating Places (restaurants) MC#5812
    • Fast Food Restaurants MCC#5814
    • Package Goods Stores (beer, wine & liquor) MCC#5921
  • Cash Advances are strictly prohibited.
  • The procurement card is NOT to be used for purchases made at the Campus Store.


Cardholders are responsible for all corrections to be made to charges/credits which appear on their monthly statement. Begin by contacting the vendor immediately to make the appropriate correction. Only when the vendor does not make the correction does the mistake become a dispute. At that point, call the purchasing office for assistance at 4307.


If an employee abuses the Corporate Purchasing Card privilege or the provisions of the Corporate Purchasing Card agreement, the card may be forfeited and canceled and the employee is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The employee may also be ineligible for restoration of Corporate Purchasing Card privileges.

The College reserves the right to collect from the employee the cost of any purchases that do not further the business of the College. The collection may be accomplished through payroll deduction or any other collection process.


1. New Application Cardholder Information Form
2. Cardholder Agreement
3. Activity Log Sheet (Excel File)
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