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Travel Guide


Individuals traveling on official business for St. Mary's College of Maryland are expected to exercise the same care incurring expenses as would a prudent person traveling for personal reasons. When making travel arrangements include as many pre-paid expenses to limit the amount of travel advance. Business travel should be conducted at a minimum cost for achieving its mission, and only necessary and reasonable expenses may be considered for reimbursement. Under no circumstances will alcoholic beverages be reimbursed.


Complete the SMCM Travel Authorization and Advance Form first. Obtain budget manager's authorization and signature to incur expenses for all in-country travel. For travel outside the United States, obtain the signature of the budget manager as well as the president or provost of the College.


Request the assistance of the support personnel in your department in making travel arrangements. You or the departmental designee is responsible for making reservations and arranging for payment, using the following guidelines. Travelers may incur out-of pocket charges depending on the travel arrangements that are made. These charges will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the trip with proper approval.

  1. Registration
    Use of procurement card is the preferred option. If prepayment is required by check, submit a requisition (RP) along with the registration form to the Purchasing Department in the Business Office. Allow at least three weeks for the check to reach the payee. Be sure that the Federal ID number (nine-digit number) is obtained for the payee. The traveler can pay for the registration and request reimbursement at the conclusion of the trip.

  2. Transportation (Air, Train, Boat)
    Make transportation accommodations at the lowest fares available. The use of first class travel is prohibited. The usual style of travel allowed is tourist class.

    Whenever possible, make travel reservations through St. Mary's College of Maryland contracted travel agencies. Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Cole Travel. See (Attachment A) for contact information. Be sure to identify yourself as an SMCM employee when requesting travel quotes. the agencies will direct-bill the College for arrangements made. Therefore, the traveler will not have to incur these expenses out-of-pocket. All the traveler has to do is complete a State of Maryland Individual Request for Out-of-State Travel Form (GAD Form X-3A), and provide GTMS with the red authorization number on the top right corner of the form. This form may be obtained from SMCM's Accounts Payable Department. When the reservation is made, the Out- of-State travel form must be sent to Accounts Payable office. Electronic tickets are normally issued.

    Arrangements with other travel agencies or online travel companies may be made if a cost/benefit comparison can be justified. Make a brief note justifying the reason with a comparative quote from Globetrotter and the agency used. Attach it to the SMCM Expense Account Form. In this type of travel the traveler will be paying for these arrangements and seeking reimbursement after concluding travel. No transportation arrangements are to be made via departmental purchase orders, regardless of the amount.

  3. Transportation (SMCM Vehicle)
    Contact SMCM fleet vehicle administrator at Maintenance to reserve a vehicle. Maintenance will provide instructions for reserving a vehicle.

    Gas credit cards are available when an SMCM vehicle is used for business travel. Credit cards are maintained by the Accounts Receivable section of the Business Office. To secure a gas card, you must submit a copy of the authorized vehicle request form. All SMCM vehicles have EX-Pass transponders on them. Use EZ-Pass toll lanes while traveling.

  4. Transportation (Rental Cars)
    Budget Rental Car is the state authorized rental company. Obtain a One-Trip travel voucher from Accounts Payable. Make your car reservations with Budget and take the voucher. SMCM will be billed for the charge directly.

    The liability insurance offered by the rental company MUST be purchased on all rented or leased vehicles to be operated outside the State of Maryland. If the vehicle is to be operated within the State of Maryland, then insurance should NOT be purchased.

    Make reservations with another rental agency if arrangements with Budget are not available. Secure a rental with your personal credit card and obtain reimbursement after concluding travel. The College procurement card may not be used to rent a vehicle.

  5. Lodging
    Procurement card is the preferred payment method for any lodging. All lodging charges should be paid with the procurement card, and no meals should be charged to the lodging bill. The traveler is responsible for payment when the procurement card is not used.

  6. Travel Advance
    Travelers may obtain a travel cash advance if SMCM's petty cash fund is sufficient at time of request. Usually the advance will be no more than the per diem allotted for meals and miscellaneous expenses, such as tips, taxi, etc. Approved advances can be obtained two days prior to scheduled travel. Your chances of receiving an advance are enhanced by submitting your request at least two weeks in advance of the trip.


Travel expenses should be reported on an SMCM Expense Account Form. Enter all travel expenses, sign, obtain budget manager's approval, and submit to the Business Office within FIVE business days of return. NOTE: THE TRAVELER'S SUPERVISOR MUST APPROVE THE EXPENSE ACCOUNT FORM IF THE TRAVELER IS THE BUDGET MANAGER.

  1. Mileage
    Reimbursable mileage rate effective January 1, 2014:               .560¢ per mile.

  2. Lodging, Telephone, Transportation, Registration, and Parking
    Attach original receipts for travel expenses paid by you. Tips are not allowed without a receipt.

  3. Meals
    The College provides per diem meal allowances for food, taxes, and tips. No receipts are required for meal reimbursement, with the exception of meals that are paid on behalf of others. When seeking reimbursement for meals paid on behalf of others, please write the individual names on the meal receipt. A detailed receipt of the food purchased needs to be attached, not just the credit card summary.

    The following criteria must be met to receive reimbursement for meals:

    Breakfast: Business travel begins prior to two hours before scheduled workday.
    Lunch: Business travel requires a traveler to be on travel status during his/her normally scheduled lunch period.
    Dinner: Business travel concludes more than two hours after scheduled workday.

    Per diem meal allowances:

    Beakfast $ 8.00
    Lunch $10.00
    Dinner $24.00

    Special rates are provided when conducting travel in certain high-cost metropolitan areas as distinguished by the Runzheimer International annual survey of moderately priced restaurants. These rates can be located on the N Drive.

    When traveling out of the country, the traveler can use the above per diem rates without keeping receipts. The traveler can also keep all receipts for meals and submit the full amount for reimbursement. Travelers must use one or the other method for meal reimbursement.

    Special rates are also allowed for candidates for employment and the hosting employees. Reimbursement for meals under these circumstances requires the submission of detailed receipts. Reimbursement requests must include all the names of individuals that participated in the meal. Under no circumstances will alcoholic beverages be reimbursed. The rates are as follows:

    Per diem meal allowances for candidates for employment:

    Breakfast $10.25
    Lunch $13.25
    Dinner $27.00

    Per diem meal allowances for hosting someone not a College employee for legitimate business purposes.

    Breakfast $12.00
    Lunch $15.00
    Dinner $31.50

  4. Budget Accounts
    Enter the account numbers and amounts to be charged to each department on the lines provided.

  5. Prepaid/Direct Billed Expenses
    Enter the total amount of expenses reported that were paid directly by the College.

  6. Travel Advance
    Enter the amount of travel advance received for travel.

  7. Amount Due Traveler
    The traveler can request expedited reimbursement from the College's petty cash bank account if funds are available. Otherwise payment will be processed by the state of Maryland, and the traveler's bank account (as set up for direct deposit of paychecks) will be directly credited. If direct deposit is not available, a check will be sent from the state of Maryland in about 10 business days.

  8. Amount Due (College)
    Attach a personal check or money order to the expense-account form and submit to Accounts Payable office. Deposit cash in person. The cashier will give the traveler a receipt which should be provided to Accounts Payable for proper recording.


Call the following departments if you have questions or need assistance.

SMCM Purchasing Agent (Business Office) - extension 4307 or 3312. Topics: vendors, purchase orders, requisitions.

SMCM Accounts Payable (Business Office) - extension 4308 or 4238. Topics: requests for direct-bill travel forms, expense account reporting, cash advance, receipts, reimbursement.

Travel Agency - Cole Travel 301-863-9497, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 301-863-6012. Topics: air, rail reservations.

SMCM Cashier (Business Office) - extension 4302. Topics: paying amount due College.

SMCM Fleet Administrator (Physical Plant) extension 4287. Topics: availability of SMCM vehicles


  1. SMCM Travel Authorization and Advance Form
    This form is used to pre-authorize travel before incurring expenses and whenever a traveler requests a travel advance. The request should be submitted to the Accounts Payable office as far in advance as possible. If approved, the travel advance can be obtained two days prior to scheduled travel.

  2. State of Maryland Individual Request for Out-of-state Travel
    This form is used to make transportation arrangements with the state's contracted travel agency and to have expenses directly billed to the College. This form can be obtained from the Accounts Payable office.

  3. SMCM Expense Account Form
    This form is used to summarize all travel expenses and to provide authorization for reimbursement.

    Travel forms and guide are available on the shared campus drive under Excel applications or from Guide for St Mary's College FY07.xls.

St. Mary's College of Maryland Travel Services Contact Information

St Mary's College of Maryland has contracted with two travel agencies to provide travel service for the College. These agencies should be used for price comparison for travel arrangements.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel
16038 Three Notch Road
California, MD 20619
Phone: 301-863-6012
Fax: 301-863-0409
Supervisor: Dan Parker

Cole Travel
46924 Shangri La Drive
Lexington Park, Md. 20653
Phone: 301-863-9497
Fax: 301-862-1700
Supervisor: Cindy Cole Pototsky

When contacting these agencies for travel the following information will be required:

  1. Travel Authorization number (obtained from accounts payable office in Glendening Hall 2nd floor)
  2. Budget number to which the travel will be charged

Travel under $5,000:

  1. For travel under $5,000 obtain two quotes. You should contact the above agencies for prices. You may also contact another service provider, however, the lowest price quote must be used.

Travel over $5,000:

  1. Two written quotes are required and must be obtained from the above agencies. For travel under $10,000, an alternate quote can be obtained from another source. The lowest price must be used unless you have submitted a written justification and received approval by SMCM's Purchasing Agent.
  2. Enter an RP (Request for Purchase) into CARS and submit with all backup paperwork to the purchasing department to process. All quotes must be attached.