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Arbor Day Celebration

April 6
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
Cole Cinema, Campus Center

John T. Campanini, certified arborist, retired Providence, RI City Forester, and founder of the RI Tree Council and RI Tree Stewards program, will detail why it's wise to keep planting!

Campanini is a certified arborist and has over 35 years experience in municipal, state,and private industry tree care management and training. He has won numerous awards for his efforts to beautify the Ocean State with trees. After 25 years heading up forestry in the state capital, he founded and for over a decade has advised Rhode Island's very active volunteer tree care program, planting and caring for thousands of trees throughout his home state.

Campanini's talk, "Diagnostics of Trees: How to Assess the Health of Your Trees, What to Do, and Why" will explore tree value from economic, ecologic, and aesthetic perspectives. "Until recently, it was virtually impossible to place dollar values on such tree-derived benefits as cooling shade, stormwater control, and air purification, and this difficulty led to trivialization of the argument that trees are important. That's all changed," Campanini says, "thanks to innovative technology developed by the U.S.Forest Service, as university research and commercial enterprises have combined theirdata, in recent years, to truly estimate the net worth of the various benefits of trees."

Campanini will review in this session how the U.S. Forest Service has concluded that over a 40- year period, a 20-inch diameter shade tree generates over $4,000 in overall benefits, and also acts to maximize real estate returns. These positive amounts, he warns, are only as good as the overall health of the trees. Maintaining tree health is critical and, as he will show, mandates fairly simple exercises for the average homeowner to attend to through annual stewardship and care.

10:30 a.m. - noon, Cole Cinema, Campus Center. Parking is available adjacent to the building.


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Jackie Takacs
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Cole Cinema, Campus Center
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