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Lecture: Calvertpalooza at HSMC

April 25
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
Historic St. Mary's City

Visitor Center Auditorium

This year, HSMC's Archaeology Month lectures focus on the Calvert house site. 
Find out about artifacts found, archaeological revelations about the building and its evolution, and its role in Maryland's fledgling government.

2013 Maryland Archaeology Month Lectures

"Now the Mansion or Dwelling-House": Field School Excavations at the Calvert House, St. Mary's City, Maryland.

Timothy Riordan

HSMC's annual field school continued its exploration of the Calvert House site in the Summer of 2012. As in previous years, we excavated units in the yards surrounding the house. These efforts are summarized and updates on the yard layout, presence of outbuildings, and other features are presented. In addition, we tested portions of the house itself, gaining new insights on the foundation and two of the cellars below the house.

The Country's House: The Evolution of Public Space in St. Mary's City's Town Center

Wesley Willoughby

This talk examines changes reflected in the landscape and artifact composition associated with the Calvert House Site's transformation from elite manor house to public inn and first official statehouse of the colony. Thirty plus years of archaeology on the site has revealed a dynamic landscape that was altered repeatedly to suit the changing needs, circumstances, aspirations and perceptions of site's occupants and patrons. Artifacts recovered during the excavations also help reveal changes in day-to-day use of the site related to its transformation to public space and provide insight into the site's significance as both an important political and social center during the 17th century.

"I see Wonderful Things": Reflection on the artifacts from the Calvert House

Silas Hurry and Donald Winter

When Howard Carter entered King Tut's Tomb in 1922 he said "I see wonderful things." Four recent seasons of excavations at the Calvert House by the HSMC Archaeological Field School have yielded an intriguing array of artifacts. In this presentation, we review some of these artifacts and the stories they tell of the occupation on this most important site. We also look back at some of the other items discovered here over the past thirty-two
years of investigations and put all of these "wonderful things" in context.


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Historic St. Mary's City
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