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Cove Point LNG Export Facility Town Hall

November 6
7:30 PM
9:00 PM
Auerbach Auditorium, St. Mary's Hall

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is touring around the state to raise awareness about a proposed environmental threat right around the corner from our campus. So guess where one of the stops on their tour is? Yep! St. Mary's College of Maryland. Come learn about Dominion's plan to export liquified natural gas (LNG) from Cove Point and what we can do to stop it.

What even is Cove Point?

Currently the facility is used for importing liquified natural gas.

Why do we care?

The practice of hydraulic fracturing, or, "fracking" natural gas retrieved from underground shale deposits is believed to be less harmful to the environment than conventional means of energy because of the smaller amount of CO2 emissions released in its burning. 

However, fracking has been known to damage the water supplies of local communities and disrupt nearby ecosystems where people affected by the process hardly benefit and are left with external costs. Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant is located 3 miles from Cove Point.

Is this a smart investment for the state or should we focus on more 'sustainable' forms of energy?

Come learn, share your thoughts and create your own opinion and stance on the issue. 

There will be live music, multi-media presentations and tons of dropped knowledge!

Register online at:

Sponsored by:
The Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Office of Sustainability
Center for the Study of Democracy

Auerbach Auditorium, St. Mary's Hall
18952 E. Fisher Rd
St. Mary's City, MD 20686