Faculty and Staff

Welcome! We hope you'll find many valuable resources on this site that will assist you in providing support for the career-related needs of your advisees and other students. We encourage you to browse our site (the Career Planning page is a good place to start) and to send us your feedback, suggestions, and questions.

Career Center in the Classroom

We always appreciate the opportunity to partner with faculty in support of the career development of our students. If you are interested in our "Don't Cancel that Class!"  program, you can request a class visit by emailing the Career Center at careercenter@smcm.edu.

The Credit Internship Program
Faculty members who have been asked to serve as a faculty sponsor should refer to the Internship Syllabus for detailed information. All policies, procedures, and documents related to the SMCM credit internship program can be found at this page.

On-Campus Job Postings
Every fall, spring and summer we ask any departments or offices to submit job request forms. We compile these and promote them to our student body. If there are any other opportunities during the year, please email the Career Center and we will promote them to students.

Professional Fellowship Program
The purpose of the Professional Fellowship Program (PFP) is to provide support for campus programs and to increase on-campus opportunities for students to develop professional skills. Fellowships must present meaningful opportunities for professional growth. It is expected that students be given responsibilities that challenge them and call for application of their liberal arts knowledge and skills. The offices/departments that apply and are awarded a PFP position, must fill it in the beginning of the fall semester, and will receive a budget transfer thereafter. We will put out a call for proposals in the summer with additional information.

Work Permit
Students under the age of 18 who wish to work locally or on campus must obtain a Maryland Work Permit, which can be issued only by K-12 school officials or directly by the MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR). Though the law does not permit anyone on campus to become an issuing officer, we can facilitate the application process by providing the forms and assisting students in faxing their documents.

Contact the Career Center
If you have questions regarding any of these topics or other career-related issues, please contact the Career Center at: careercenter@smcm.edu or ext. 4203.