Internships for Credit

If you are interested in using an internship to satisfy your ELAW requirement only please click here

Internship Documents

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Internship for Credit Process

To earn 4-16 academic credits towards graduation please follow the steps below:

Verify Academic Eligibility

  • You must have completed 28 credits at the start of your internship
  • If you have earned 28-55 credits, your overall GPA must be at least 3.2  
  • If you've earned 56 credits or more the GPA requirement is 2.5

If you fail to meet these requirements you may submit an appeal to the Academic Policy Committee

Secure an Internship
We encourage you to use your network and personal resources to identify internship opportunities. However, we offer a list of local internships and databases to help you get started. We are also available, in person, to discuss options for finding an internship.

Note: If you choose to complete an internship for academic credit during the summer you will be charged for the number of credits earned

Conact Department Chair

Contact the Chair of the department in which you wish to recieve credit.  Discuss the opportunity and confirm that it is eligible for credit in the department. 

Find a Faculty Sponsor
The Faculty Sponsor will work with you throughout the internship. The Faculty Sponsor will:

  • Generally be a member of the department in which you are seeking academic credit and/or have some familiarity with the field of the internship
  • Assist you in completing the Learning Agreement
  • Approve your academic project
  • Assign a “Credit”/ “No Credit” grade at the conclusion of the internship

Review the Syllabus
Like any course, the syllabus includes important information on the internship requirements. This includes the topics for Reflective Essays, requirements for the academic project, instructions for writing learning objectives, evaluations and more.

Complete the Learning Agreement

  • Work with Faculty Sponsor, Department Chair and Site Supervisor to complete the Learning Agreement
  • Submit the Learning Agreement to the Career Center via e-mail for approval
  • The Career Center staff will contact the Department Chair, the Faculty Sponsor, and the Site Supervisor that the Learning Agreement to obtain online sigantures
  • After all signatures have been recieved, the Career Center will process the registration, please allow up to two weeks for the internship to show in the portal.

Registering for CORE 350 (ELAW)

  • If you are using the internship to satisfy the ELAW requirement, you must register using this electronic form.  The type of experience is a "Credit-bearing Internship"
  • If you are interested in using an experience to fulfill your ELAW requirement WITHOUT registering for internship credit, the type of experience is a "non-credit experience".  You will automatically be prompted to complete a petition online as well.
  • Please direct any questions to