Digital Media and Creative Services Fellow
Media Center / Library

Name of primary hiring contact: Andrew Paul Keiper
Title of hiring contact:  Digital Media Specialist
Phone: 240.895.4269

Responsibilities and benefits to the student:

The St. Mary’s College Library Media Center is seeking a Digital Media and Creative Services Fellow to help us execute our mission in support of the curriculum by producing media for deployment on our YouTube channel and website, and to transition our website into a more valuable resource for visitors through design, content population and maintenance. We hope to foster the development of the Fellow’s existing skill-set by providing an opportunity for them to initiate, manage and conclude projects in an environment where he or she will have access to high-level digital tools as well as experienced mentors. The primary focus of the Fellow’s work will be, in part, contingent upon the prior skill-sets, but will in any case include both production work with video, audio and still photography as well as website development and maintenance. A degree of autonomy will rest with the Fellow in the selection of production content. Potential video production projects include campus tours, office/department features and other Media Center initiatives.

We intend to train the Fellow on industry standard software and hardware and encourage the following of best practices in the Fellowship and beyond. Video production work will require the use of video-editing software (Final Cut Pro), color-correction software (DaVinci Resolve), compositing software (Motion), transcoding programs (Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, etc.) and audio software (primarily Apple Logic Pro). In support of this aspect of the Fellowship, the Fellow will learn to shoot video and stills on professional level cameras (FS100, XA10, etc.) and will use an array of audio hardware, from microphones to mixers and compressors. His or her work on the Media Center website will require prior or attained conversance in Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and likewise must be, or become comfortable within the Mac OSX platform. In the Media Center, we abide by the maxim “Be your own detective!” when troubleshooting technical matters. This philosophy encourages deep understanding and independence and, in turn, will guide our mentorship of the Fellow.

Furthermore, we will expect the Fellow to undergo some amount of cross training and gain an even wider skill-set within the department so that he or she understands the infrastructure and event support missions of the Media Center. This experience will involve working with a wide range of classroom, presentation and events equipment such as display devices, amplifiers and PAs. It is our intention that this cross training inform the production work, as the Fellow will attain a better appreciation for how the end destination for the media created bears directly on its production.

The Media Center staff will also depend on the Fellow to assist with the Media Center’s pedagogical mission by aiding staff in teaching these skills to other students in the lab, should the workload permit. As teaching is often the best route to learning, and inevitably provides the instructor with new perspectives and novel challenges that require efficient and creative solutions, we feel this will be invaluable in the development of the Fellow’s skill-set.

We will seek to draw from a pool of applicants with at least some portion of the necessary skills already in-hand, so that they might immediately begin work on projects in a self-guided fashion.

Qualifications and unique application instructions

The Media Center (Library, Third Floor) seeks a creative, reliable quick learner with strong organization and communication skills for the position of Digital Media and Creative Services Fellow. Applicants must also demonstrate prior experience with video or audio production, web architecture or design, or media hardware operation. We maintain a Mac lab and also expect familiarity with the OSX platform and some associated digital media production software such as Adobe CS, Final Cut Pro 7/X or Logic Pro. While the Media Center staff will guide the Fellow through areas that are less familiar, we cannot consider applicants who do not have experience in either of the two major categories (web design or media production) in which we intend the Fellow to undertake work.