Thomas J. Botzman, Vice President for Business and Finance
B.S., Case Western Reserve University; M.A., Ph.D., Kent State University

Anna N. Yates, Executive Assistant


Scott W. Devine, Director
B.A., University of New Brunswick; M.S., University of Massachusetts

William H. Gainey, Assistant Athletic Director/Head Men’s Soccer Coach
B.S., University of Maryland-University College

Shawne M. McCoy, Assistant Athletic Director
B.S., Central Michigan University

Andre R. Barbins, Aquatics Center Director and Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach
B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.A., Washington College

Thomas W. Fisher, Athletics and Recreation Center Director
B.S., State University of New York at Cortland; M.S., Eastern Kentucky Universit

Cynthia A. Dale, Fiscal Associate II

Leslie J. Tucker, Office Associate I
A.A., Charles County Community College

Barbara J. Bausch, Head Women’s Basketball Coach /Senior Woman Administrator
A.A., Fullerton College; B.S., M.S., California State University-Fullerton

William (Jim) Cranmer, Head Athletic Trainer
B.A., Whittier College

Earl P. Dean, Equipment Room Manager

Christopher R. Harney, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Christopher J. Hasbrouck, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
B.S., M.Ed., Salisbury University

Lewis W. Jenkins, Head Men’s Baseball Coach
B.S., University of Maryland; M.A., George Washington University

Kathryn D. Lange, Head Field Hockey Coach
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Nairem Moran, Sports Information Director
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland; M.S.E.M., University of South Carolina

Kara L. Reber, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
B.A., Bowling Green State University; B.A., State University of New York at Brockport

James M. Simpson, Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach/Intramural Coordinator
B.S., Salisbury University

Sarah C. Tipsword, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., Frostburg State University; M.S, California University of Pennsylvania

Brianne S. Weaver, Head Women’s Soccer Coach/Physical Education Coordinator
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Baseball Coach: Lewis Jenkins

Men’s Basketball Coach: Christopher Harney

Women’s Basketball Coach: Barbara Bausch

Women’s Field Hockey Coach: Kathryn Lange

Men’s Lacrosse Coach: Chris Hasbrouck

Women’s Lacrosse Coach: Kara Reber

Men’s Soccer Coach: William H. Gainey

Women’s Soccer Coach: Brianne Weaver

Women’s Volleyball Coach: Morris Davis

Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach: Derek Sabedra

Sailing Coaches: Adam L. Werblow; William Ward, Assistant Coach

Swimming Coach: Andre Barbins


Christopher J. True, Assistant Vice President for Finance
B.S., Mercy College

Gabriel A. Mbomeh, CPA, Director of Accounting/Comptroller
B.S., M.P.A., Jackson State University

Debbie K. Adkins, Director of Accounts Management

Patti L. Enoch, Fiscal Associate II

Jodene A. Hernandez, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Patrick G. Hunt, Procurement/Purchasing Agent

Amanda L. Mattingly, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Irene Y. Olnick, Senior Accountant
B.A., Kent State University; M.S., Villanova University; M.B.A., Widener University

Catherine A. Robinson, Budget Analyst
B.A., Southwest Texas State University

Melinda J. Rorabacher, Senior Buyer

M. Susan Sullivan, Fiscal Associate I

Angela L. Thomas, Accounts Receivable Specialist


Richard T. Wagner, Director
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Ronald W. Stone, Assistant Director/Texts
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Frances D. Davis, Convenience Store Manager

Mary K. Grube, Operations Manager


George W. Waggoner, Director
B.S., Davis and Elkins College; M.S., American University

Jeffrey A. Barnes, Associate Director of Enterprise System Services
A.S., Corning Community College

David N. Emerick, Associate Director of New Media
B.F.A., University of Kentucky; M.F.A., University of Nebraska

Jeffery T. Ranta, Assistant Director of Network Support Services

Lisa A. Youngborg, Assistant Director of User Support Services

Joshua D. Allen, Intranet Application Programmer
B.S., University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Jonathan M. Arakelian, Computer Technician I

Brian J. Baker, Computer Technician

Joshua W. Bowen, Computer Technician

Robert T. Brown, Computer Network Specialist
B.S., University of Maryland University College; B.S., Texas A & M; Ph.D., University of Maryland

Jason J. Countryman, Computer Technician
B.A., State University of New York at Cortland

Dana W. Cullison, Coordinator Student Help Desk/One Card Coordinator

Barnaby H. Edwards, Web Programmer
B.S., Salisbury University; M.S., Hood College

Iric (Jeff) Krissoff, Senior Computer Technician
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Abdelfattah S. Lattif, Technical Support Specialist, CIS
B.S., Cairo University

Jack D. Short, Computer Programmer/Analyst
B.S., University of Maryland

Erin M. Stewart, Web Development and Training Specialist
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Linda L. Ward, Network Administrator/Analyst II

Donnie E. Wince, Communication Systems Specialist


Sally A. Mercer, Director
Certified PHR; A.A., Charles County Community College; B.S., M.S., University of Maryland-University College

Melvin A. McClintock, Assistant Director/AA/EEO Officer
B.S, Wilmington College, M.S., Florida Institute of Technology

Michelle L. Forinash, Assistant Director
A.A., Charles County Community College

A. Faye Graves, HR Specialist
B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Symaria A. Enoch, Fiscal Associate II


Derek K. Thornton, Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations

Arthur G. Den Hartog, Manager of Housekeeping Services

Kevin S. Mercer, Superintendent of Grounds

Edward A. Morasch, Trades Supervisor

Harold C. Sparrow, Sr., Assistant Director for Trades & Projects

Raketia S. Williams, Office Administrator

John D. Albertsen, General Trades Mechanic

Vicky L. Arter, Caretaker I

Ronald J. Barickman, Caretaker I

Brenda L. Briscoe, Assistant Manager of Housekeeping Services

Rachel E. Brooks, Caretaker I

George E. Bryant, Caretaker I

Patsy A. Bush, Caretaker I

C. Robert Butler, Assistant Supervisor of Housekeeping

Joseph A. Carroll, Caretaker I

Brenda F. Carter, Caretaker I

Cordell V. Carter, Jr., General Trades Mechanic

Kathy I. Cheek, Caretaker I

Robert E. Clements, HVAC Mechanic

Barbara J. Cooke, General Support Staff/Mail

Elsie M. Dickerson, Caretaker I

Kevin T. Duffy, Groundskeeper/Gardener I

James O. Dyson, Groundskeeper/Gardener I

Marvin J. Edwards, HVAC Mechanic

Morris I. Fenwick, Assistant Supervisor/Trades

Philip L. Fenwick, Assistant Supervisor of Housekeeping

April D. Ford, Caretaker I

James P. Ford, General Trades Mechanic

Thomas W. Ford, Caretaker I

Mervin O. Gantt, General Trades Mechanic

Joseph S. Goddard, General Trades Mechanic

Joyce C. Goodwine, Operations and Customer Service Coordinator

Laura J. Gordon, Caretaker I

James S. Gott, Assistant Supervisor/Trades
B.S., Wake Forest University

Steven W. Gregory, Assistant Superintendent of Grounds

Sahra I. Grube, General Support Staff/Mail

Juliet M. Hewlett, Caretaker I

Dennis L. Hite, Building Systems/Controls Technician

Cheryl I. Krumke, Assistant Supervisor of Grounds

George H. Lancaster, Groundskeeper I

Richard D. Long, General Trades Mechanic

Chris D. McKay, Groundskeeper I

Joseph I. Milburn, Caretaker I

Mark Mimay, HVAC Mechanic

Gerald E. Moran, Assistant Supervisor/Trades

William P. Nash, HVAC Mechanic

Sylvester L. Parran, Groundskeeper I

Davielle S. Price, Caretaker I

M. Jeannette Price, Caretaker I

Francis J. Raley, Assistant Supervisor/Trades

Dorothy E. Reed, Caretaker I

Eric J. Reed, Groundskeeper I

Richard K. Rest, Groundskeeper I

Tyana S. Reynolds, General Trades Mechanic

Kennie A. Rodgers, Assistant Supervisor of Housekeeping

Margaret R. Slaughter, Caretaker I

Stephanie M. Somerville, Caretaker I

Clara M. Spalding, Caretaker I

Danielle M. Sullivan, General Support Staff/Mail

Jamal A. Swann, General Support Staff/Set-ups

Rick D. Thompson, Groundskeeper I

Timmie I. Wallace, General Support Staff/Inventory

Robert S. Webb, HVAC Mechanic

R. Ray Yarber, Caretaker I


Charles C. Jackson, Associate Vice President
B.S.C.E., University of Virginia; M.A., Webster College

Daniel S. Branigan, L.P.P., Director of Design and Construction
B. Arch., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; M.U.P., University of Illinois

Judy L. Johnson, Office Associate II
B.S., Trinity Christian College

Christophe N. Bornand, Facilities Planner
B.S., Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, France

James J. McGuire, Resident Inspector/Assistant Project Manager

Lisa Phelps, Assistant Project Manager/Fiscal Administrator
B.S., University of Maryland-College Park


Derek K. Thornton, Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations

Eric A. Brooks, Public Safety Officer/Commissioned/Supervisor

Nancy L. Raley, Office Associate I

Charli Jo L. Crescenze, Clerk/Dispatcher

Michael A. Colvin, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Christopher Coons, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Bryan J. Doyle, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Keenan E. Enoch, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned /Shift Supervisor

Mary C. Johnston, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Joshua D. Stevenson, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Sidney R. Thompson, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned

Joseph L. Wheeler, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned/Shift Supervisor

Daniel G. Worrell, Public Safety Officer, non-commissioned