All refunds are processed through the Business Office and normally take about two weeks to receive. Refunds for less than $20.00 will not be processed for currently enrolled students. Tuition and mandatory fees are refundable according to the schedule below. Refunds for non-credit enrichment courses will be processed according to the schedule in the current Continuing Education Program brochure. Special academic fees are non-refundable after the last day of the late registration period. Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable once assessed. In addition to the published refund policy, refunds will be adjusted, as needed, for eligible federal financial aid recipients. Those students with internships or teaching sites and places of residence more than 50 miles from the campus may request a refund of up to 50 percent of all mandatory fees other than course-related fees for that semester.


Withdrawal from the College and Leave of Absence:

Degree-seeking undergraduates or Master of Arts in Teaching Program students (either part- or full-time) who withdraw from the College or take a leave of absence will receive tuition refunds as follows:


Tuition refunds for all degree-seeking undergraduate and M.A.T. students, whether changing from full-time to part-time status, or, as a part-time student dropping one or more classes while remaining enrolled:


For students taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the College, the room refund schedule is as follows:

Note: Depending upon the date of notification, student-initiated room cancellations may result in a liability for some portion of housing costs in addition to loss of the advance payment. This information is contained on the Housing Contract.


All board refunds will be based on weekly meal plan use. This includes students who withdraw or take a leave of absence during the semester.


A student with a credit balance on his/her statement of account, resulting from federal aid monies to the College, will automatically receive a refund check not to exceed the net aid amount unless the student has authorized the credit balance. A student receiving other financial aid and showing a credit balance on his/her statement of account may request a refund no earlier than the first day of classes.