Tuition and Fees

The total cost for an undergraduate Maryland resident attending the College in the 2009-2010 academic year and living on campus is expected to be approximately $22,874 for tuition, fees, and room and board. The dollar figures listed below are subject to change since the trustees reserve the right to adjust charges at any time as needs dictate.


Undergraduate Program

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

All fees listed are annual charges unless otherwise noted.

Tuition: Full-time, Maryland resident $10,995

Tuition: Full-time, non-resident of Maryland $22,388

Mandatory fee: Full-time students (resident and commuter students) $2,239

Orientation fee: all new students (one time) $100

Graduation fee: $100

Master of Arts in Teaching Program (M.A.T.)

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

All fees listed are annual charges unless otherwise noted.

Tuition: Full-time $10,995

Mandatory fee: Full-time $2,239

Graduation fee: $100

Part-Time Tuition (Undergraduate and Master of Arts in Teaching Program)

Tuition: Part-time (per credit-hour) $185

Retired persons 60 years and older may apply for a waiver of part-time tuition charges for credit courses. This is done on a space available basis during the late registration period. Consult the Office of the Registrar for details.

Room (annual)


All first-year students living in the residence halls or suites are required to participate in one of the following three meal plans:

Upperclass students living in the residence halls or suites must select a meal plan from one of the following:

Residence hall and suite residents must select a meal plan when signing up for a room assignment, otherwise they will automatically be assigned to the A3 meal plan. Townhouse or apartment residents and commuting students are not obligated to participate in any meal plan. However, they may elect to purchase any of the above meal plans or one additional meal plan:

or they may pay for individual meals. Changes in meal plans by residents or selection of a meal plan by commuters will be accommodated only through the end of the second week of the fall or spring semester.

Blocks and flex dollars are pre-purchased units of measure that may be redeemed for food and beverages in various dining venues. Blocks are redeemable in the all-you-can-eat Great Room, and the Lewis Quad Grab-n-Go, using the following scale:

A student who eats 19 meals per week would use 600 blocks per semester if he/she used only blocks to acquire meals. Flex dollars are included in the plans to allow students to use their meal plan to eat and drink at the small retail dining venues (Upper Deck, Lewis Quad Grab-n-Go, and Daily Grind) in addition to the Servery of the Great Room and selected vending machines. A snackbar (The Upper Deck), Quiznos®, and a café (The Daily Grind) for lighter refreshments are open in the Campus Center These retail venues accept cash, flex dollars and debit dollars. Additionally, during limited hours blocks may be converted using a cash value of $2.00 per block with a daily maximum of 4 blocks at the retail dining venues (Upper Deck and Quiznos® only).Blocks may not be converted on weekends after classes end Friday afternoon.


Special academic fees are assessed to both fulltime and part-time students when appropriate as follows:

Fees for exchange programs and summer programs vary. Contact the Business Office for specific program fees.


All fees listed are charged to all students, per occurrence, as appropriate.


All tuition and fees are due in full at the time stipulated on the statement of account. The only exceptions are the following:

—Students who are receiving scholarships, loans, or other financial aid. These students may defer that portion of their semester charges covered by financial aid when payment will be remitted directly to the College by the paying agency. PLUS loans, issued in both the parents’ and the College’s name and remitted directly to the College by the lending institution, can be used in deferring payment as long as they are immediately returned to the College upon request for endorsement. Financial aid documentation must be completed prior to any payment deadline in order to be eligible for deferment. Complete documentation includes the formal acceptance of aid by the student. Students accept or decline their financial aid through the student portal at The amount to be deferred may be no greater than the sum of the scholarships, loans, and aid. If any aid used to defer payment is rejected after the due date, late charges may be applied in accordance with the College late payment policy. College work-study programs cannot be used in deferring payment, since wages are based on actual hours worked.

Note: Financial aid will not be credited to the student’s account prior to 10 days before the first day of classes. Financial aid listed on the statement of account prior to that time is for information purposes only. The College will allow the deduction of the amount of aid indicated on the statement with the understanding that the student will be held responsible for the amount of any reduction or elimination of aid.

—Students who are in a federal, state, or county vocational rehabilitation program. These students may defer that portion of their tuition and fees being funded by these programs, as long as payment is made directly to the College and proof of participation is provided.

—Students whose tuition and fees are being paid by their (or their parents’) employer. These students may defer that portion of their tuition and fees which is being paid by an employer, provided the employer has made prior arrangements to be billed directly by the College.

If the total balance of tuition and fees is not paid within the deadlines specified on the bills, a $50 or $100 late-payment fee will be charged, based on the balance due. In addition, the institution reserves the right to cancel class registration, room reservation, and other assignments if full payment or financial aid arrangements are not made prior to the published deadline. The College normally will not permit a student to register nor will the College release transcripts or diplomas as long as the student has an outstanding indebtedness to the institution. All payments for tuition and fees should be made payable to St. Mary’s College of Maryland and forwarded to:

St. Mary’s College of Maryland
18952 E. Fisher Road
St. Mary’s City, MD 20686-3001

For new students, the College accepts VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards for application fees, housing and tuition deposits. For all other payments and for all payments made by continuing students, the College accepts online payments using Mastercard, Discover or ACH (electronic check) through the Portal @ There is a convenience fee for use of a credit card, there is no fee for payment by ACH.

The College does not accept VISA for payments other than itemized above. Tuition and fee payments with VISA can be made by contacting Tuition Management Systems at 1 -800-722- 4867 or at There is a convenience fee added for this service. Contact the cashier at 240-895-4302.


St. Mary’s offers a payment plan through Tuition Management Systems. The plan is interest-free: there is no interest assessment on the balance. The payment option is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service and counseling, automated account information 24 hours a day, and access to your account through their website at Families using the plan make five payments per semester or a total of 10payments per year


Housing Contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Since cancellation of housing directly affects eligibility for a refund, see the Refunds and Student Life sections of the catalog for specific deadlines. Advance payments for all new students are non-refundable and are credited to their first-semester billing. Failure to matriculate will result in forfeiture of the advance payment. New students wishing to live on campus should forward the residence hall advance payment to the Business Office upon notification of their admission to the College, but no later than May 1. Housing is not guaranteed for new students who deposit after May 1.

New students who do not wish on-campus housing are required to pay the commuting student advance payment upon notification of their admission to the College. This fee must be paid prior to the established deadline for the following semester. Failure to pay by the deadline may result in loss of class placement. Returning resident students must sign and complete the housing contract and pay the$200 housing deposit by February 26, 2010 for the fall 2010 semester. The housing deposit is credited to the student’s first semester billing.

Deferment of the housing deposit is not acceptable, even for those students on full scholarships. Returning students wishing to be released from the housing contract with no financial penalties must submit a written release request by May 1 . Please contact the Office of Residence Life for additional information. The security deposit ($50 for residence hall students or $150 for townhouse, suite, and apartment residents) is credited to the student’s account after damage charges have been placed on the student’s account. Any additional College charges are assessed at the end of the spring semester. Remaining balances will be reflected as a credit on the next academic year’s fall semester billing. Credit balances for graduating seniors are automatically processed for a refund. Other students may request a refund in writing should they not be returning to St. Mary’s College.