Transcripts of a student’s academic record are issued to other institutions or authorized persons upon completion of a “Transcript Request” form completed and signed by the student or by notifying the Office of the Register in writing. The Office of the Registrar will accept a written request for transcripts by fax or by a scanned attachment through email. The College does not fax or e-mail official transcripts. All requests for transcripts must include 1) the signature of the student, 2) student ID number or social security number, 3) dates of attendance, 4) daytime phone number, 5) number of transcripts (official or unofficial), 6) address where transcripts are to be sent. Transcripts are issued free of charge. The College does not usually release an official transcript directly to a student. When such a release is required, the College shall do so in a secured envelope whose seal must remain intact for the transcript to remain valid. No transcript will be issued for a student whose financial account with the College is not paid.