Dining Services

Our food service program is an “all you can eat” operation in the Servery/Great Room (located in the Campus Center). First-year resident students are required to be on one of three meal plans. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in traditional residence halls or suites have a choice of seven meal plans. All other students may elect one of the optional meal plans if so desired. The student ID card serves as the meal card. Flex dollars are included in most of the plans to allow students to eat and drink at the smaller retail dining venues (the Upper Deck, Quiznos®, the Daily Grind, and the Lewis Quad “Grab-n-Go”) in addition to the Servery/Great Room. Flex dollars can only be used for food and beverages. There is no refund or carryover of unused flex dollars at the end of a semester. The meal plans and fees are noted in the Expenses and Financial Aid section found on page 25.