Alcohol and Drugs. Only students who are of legal drinking age (21) are allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages. The campus alcohol policy outlines regulations concerning private alcohol consumption and exceptions for being served at on-campus events. Other drugs are strictly prohibited from the campus. For more information, please see the student handbook, To The Point.

ID Cards. All students are issued College ID cards and are required to carry them at all times. They are also required to provide them to College officials, including Residence Life student staff, upon request.

Suspension. St. Mary’s College reserves the right, at any time, to suspend for any period, or try to separate from the College, any student whose academic performance or personal conduct, on or off the campus, is, in the sole judgment of the College, unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of the College. Neither the College nor any of its trustees, officers, faculty, or administrative staff shall be subject to any liability whatsoever on account of such suspension or separation.

General Rules and Regulations. The president of the College, acting as the agent of the Board of Trustees, must bear ultimate responsibility for governing the College community. In the areas of student life, the dean of students has been authorized to exercise the responsibility of governance. In practice and by intention, the students rightly enjoy a large measure of responsibility in the regulation of their concerns, particularly in the residences. Specific rules affecting students are outlined in the "General College Regulations," which appear in the student handbook, To The Point, and also on the College's web site.