Student Affairs


The campus judicial system process is educational, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and a commitment to community standards. It is the philosophy of this College, as reflected in the judicial process, that any inappropriate behavior be redirected rather than punished. Serious and ongoing violations of the Code of Student Conduct, however, may result in suspension or expulsion from the College and/or criminal prosecution. Students at St. Mary's are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding community standards as set forth in the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities which is printed in the student handbook, To the Point, and on the College’s web site. For more information about the judicial system, please contact the coordinator of Judicial Affairs, the Dean of Students Office, or the Office of Residence Life.


The Office of Student Activities provides opportunities for enrichment that enhance the overall student experience at St. Mary’s. Opportunities for leadership and community involvement help students prepare for their roles as responsible citizens. Through their involvement in co-curricular activities, workshops, and student governance, students learn the qualities of democratic leadership and the skills to be successful members of the College community. The vast opportunities offered, including new-student orientation and parent programs, complement and enhance the St. Mary’s academic program.


The goals of the orientation program are to aid new students in their transition to the College, to help them understand the mission and values of the institution as well as their relationship to the academic environment, to provide information and exposure to available services, and to introduce them to student life. The program provides interaction with faculty, staff, continuing students, and other new students.


All full-time students are considered members of the Student Government Association (SGA) and are thus eligible to vote in annual elections of officers to the student senate, the association’s legislative body. All major components of the student body are represented in the student senate. The SGA, which holds regular weekly meetings, is charged with promoting the standards of the College, unifying the student body, and representing the students to the faculty, administration, and community. In cooperation with the Student Activities Office, the SGA allocates student activity fees to support such student-initiated programs as campus media, student publications, guest lecturers, dances and concerts, coffeehouses, fine arts performances, film series, and more than 90 clubs and organizations reflecting varied student interests. Student representatives are also selected to sit on the College’s Board of Trustees and on such College committees as Academic Policy, Academic Resources, Admissions and Scholarship, Curriculum, Faculty Issues, and Planning. The Programs Board coordinates and promotes student-sponsored events on campus. The SGA president and vice president for administration are invited to attend Board of Trustees and Alumni Council meetings as representatives of the student body.


A number of clubs and organizations have been formed over the years to meet the changing needs and interests of students. These groups apply for recognition to the SGA by submitting a constitution. The SGA also considers funding requests. The types of organizations which presently exist or have been recently represented include recreational groups, athletic clubs, political organizations, issue-based groups, cultural groups, religious groups, language clubs, academic organizations, community service organizations, and discussion groups on social issues. In addition, class committees have been formed to plan special class functions and help create class unity and spirit.


Student-produced publications include the campus newspaper, The Point News; the literary magazine, Avatar; and the yearbook, The Dove. In addition, students operate The HAWK Radio station which serves the College community and can be heard world-wide through the internet. Campus media offer students an opportunity to express their creativity and talent and provide valuable practical experience in support of their academic program or career interests. The quality and professionalism of these media are enhanced by staff advisers.


St. Mary’s College of Maryland values diversity in all its forms and is committed to developing a campus environment that is conducive to the enhancement of multicultural diversity. Culturally different backgrounds enrich the liberal arts education, and St. Mary’s is dedicated to encouraging learning and development among its students through an appreciation of diverse cultures. The area coordinator for multicultural initiatives provides services to familiarize multicultural students with support services; assist with the adjustment to the school’s academic and social environments; and introduce students to faculty, staff, and other students who are historically underrepresented. Multicultural initiatives utilize programs that leverage the wealth of information gathered from the experiences of historically underrepresented populations to the College community. This exchange of information helps create an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance among students from different cultures. The program provides personal and academic support through counseling and workshops and also works with various offices to provide a welcoming environment. The area coordinator works collaboratively with faculty, students, and staff to plan or co-sponsor events that educate the campus community on relevant and important issues.


St. Mary's strongly encourages and supports opportunities for service as part of the College's mission to inspire students to serve society. Hundreds of St. Mary's students give back to the community while simultaneously enriching their own learning through work in the schools, with the underprivileged, and for the environment. Beginning with New-Student Orientation, students can choose from many avenues that lead into the larger community. If they choose to continue involvement, students can volunteer throughout the year with any of numerous student-run service projects and also blend service with learning through course-based service components, field experience, internships, or St. Mary's Projects. The program is part of the Office of Student Activities. The coordinator of orientation and service programs and student staff members advise and support most of the service projects and help match community needs with campus resources.


Dramatic productions, sponsored by the dramatic arts faculty, are presented in the Bruce Davis Theater periodically during the year. Open readings are held for parts, and students are involved in technical production as well.

The College Choir, the Chamber Singers, the Wind Ensemble, and the Jazz Ensemble, directed by members of the music faculty, provide excellent opportunities for students. These groups present concerts on campus and in the community and have gone on concert tours. Membership in these organizations is based on private audition, and students may participate as a club activity or for applied music credit. Other activities include dance programs and musical theater productions.


Students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland may participate in religious groups of their choice. An Episcopal church adjoins the campus, and a Roman Catholic parish lies within a mile. A Jewish synagogue is also nearby. These and other local congregations welcome student participation. On campus, students may form organizations around their religious interests and may secure meeting space as recognized student clubs.


St. Mary’s students missing classes due to the observance of special religious holidays must inform faculty members in advance and make arrangements with them to make up missed work and assignments.


The St. Mary's College athletics and recreation program is based on the belief that competitive and recreational sports are essential elements of a liberal arts education. Development of the total person through a broad variety of experiences is the overall aim. Involvement in athletics and physical activity is known to significantly complement academic life, particularly in a small-college environment.


Varsity sports at St. Mary's are open to all full-time students at the College. There is ample opportunity not only for those with superior athletic abilities but also for committed athletes who are willing to train hard and be coached to improve. The varsity program includes 17 sports: nine for women, seven for men, and one coed. Fifteen of the varsity programs are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) at the NCAA Division III level, while sailing (coed and women) is under the guidance of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) and the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA). This means that the College does not award scholarships for athletic ability and that it competes for national and conference championships with similar institutions. The varsity teams are open to all students, and broad participation is strongly encouraged, but team members must maintain a 2.0 grade-point average and make satisfactory progress toward a degree. The College offers the following sports for intercollegiate competition:

Fall Winter Spring
Field Hockey (women) Basketball (men) Baseball (men)
Sailing (coed) Basketball (women) Lacrosse (men)
Sailing (women) Swimming (men) Lacrosse (women)
Soccer (men) Swimming (women) Sailing (coed)
Soccer (women) Sailing (women)
Volleyball (women) Tennis (men)
Cross Country (men) Tennis (women)
Cross Country (women)

For more information, please call 240- 895-HAWK (4295).


The recreational sports program aims to provide a broad range of athletic opportunities to meet the needs and interests of all members of the campus community. The recreational sports program promotes campus unity through healthy competition in a safe and enjoyable environment. Participants find that recreational sports activities provide physical, social, and emotional benefits. The recreational sports program at St. Mary's is dynamic and responds to the wants and needs of our faculty, staff, and students. Student coordinators develop the program, select student officials, and supervise each event. Listed below are some of the events that may be offered as part of the program during an academic year.

For more information, please e-mail


Club sports are organized and funded by the Student Government Association, supervised by the Office of Student Activities, and coached mostly by students. They are typically at a level between varsity intercollegiate competition and intramurals. These clubs are open to all members of the campus community. They usually compete against clubs at other colleges but have a less demanding schedule than the varsity teams. Currently, active club sports at St. Mary’s College are as follows: