Student Services


The Career Development Center is a link between the world of education and life after St. Mary’s College. This office will provide assistance in getting into graduate school or finding that important first job and will also teach job search skills that are needed throughout one’s lifetime. Most students have a difficult time deciding on a career path to pursue. Advising is available for assessment of interests, abilities, and work-related values. An extensive collection of online and print resources on career planning, occupational exploration, job searching, and graduate and professional school is available.

Throughout the year, workshops and programs are presented on a wide variety of career-related topics: career exploration, résumé writing, interviewing skills, job-search strategies, and graduate school application. The end product of the career development process is a self-directed student, able to compete for entry-level positions or graduate programs.

Part-time and summer employment are crucial sources of funds for students financing their own education. The Career Development staff encourages students to find employment that is career-related, as career-related experience is a valuable component of a student’s education and career development. The office is committed to assisting students in finding career-related experiences, including credit and non-credit internships, and paid employment on and off campus.


Counseling Services, located in Chance Hall, is staffed by licensed professionals. Our therapists assist, at no cost, full-time students with academic, family, or personal concerns. The college years represent a period of transition and change for almost everyone, and at times a need to talk about concerns and issues may arise. The counselors can provide assistance to students dealing with issues such as stress, interpersonal relationships, concern over life goals, alcohol and drug abuse, mood, sexuality, or academics. Psychological assessment, psychiatric care, and ongoing therapy are available through counseling services. Groups, workshops, and consultations are also available. Our services follow the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association. If a student requires specialized treatment that falls outside our scope of practice, he or she will be appropriately referred.


The Health Center, located in Chance Hall, offers limited outpatient medical services to all full-time students by qualified medical personnel. It is a member of the American College Health Association. Appointments for the clinic may be made Monday through Friday and limited hours on Saturday. Emergency and after-hours care is provided through local urgent-care clinics and area hospitals. Students are strongly advised to carry an individual health insurance policy that covers them for laboratory, x-ray, emergency services, and hospitalization, none of which are covered by student fees. The College does not endorse or sponsor any particular health insurance plan. However, information on several student health insurance plans is available through the Health Center.


The Counseling and Health Center is a resource for health and wellness education and information, providing resources and teaching skills that will assist students in making health lifestyle choices now and in the future. Under the direction and guidance of the wellness advocate, programs on a variety of topics and issues are presented throughout the academic year. Alcohol and other drugs, sexuality, healthy relationships, smoking cessation, and body image are some of the topics addressed. Students interested in being involved in health education should contact the wellness advocate.


The Public Safety Office has the responsibility of providing safety and security for persons and property within the College. The staff provides this and other services to the campus community 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Some of the services provided include crime prevention, criminal investigation, temporary and visitor parking permits, and bicycle registration. The office is also a prime source of information about the campus and the surrounding community.

All student-owned and -operated motor vehicles must be properly registered with the College before parking in any College-regulated lot. Vehicle registration permits may be purchased at the Business Office. All visitors must register at the Public Safety Office and obtain a temporary parking permit.