Chinese Courses (ILCC)

ILCC 101. Elementary Chinese I (4F)

An introduction to the basic structure of spoken and written Chinese for the student beginning study of the language. Introduction to Chinese culture and its relation to the language.

ILCC 102. Elementary Chinese II (4S)

A continuation of the study of basic grammar with increased attention given to conversation skills. This course satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement in Cultural Perspectives if not used to satisfy the Core Curriculum International Language requirement. Prerequisite: ILCC 101 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 201. Intermediate Chinese I (4F)

A continuation of the study of grammar, with additional practice in speaking, writing, and reading. Prerequisite: ILCC 102 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 202. Intermediate Chinese II (4S)

While continuing to study the grammatical constructions of basic Chinese, students are also introduced to reading and writing at greater levels of complexity. Prerequisite: ILCC 201 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 355. Advanced Chinese: Chinese Culture (4AF)

Through newspaper articles, short stories and essays, TV plays and movies, students will study issues underlying today’s China: democratization, education, women, economic reform, and conflicts between modernization and tradition. Grammar will be reviewed as needed. May be repeated for credit. Formerly ILCC 335. Prerequisite: ILCC 202 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 356. Advanced Chinese: Chinese Culture II (4AS)

China was relatively isolated until the end of the 19th century. Through essays, movies, and excerpts of literary texts by Chinese intellectuals since that time, the class will study how the Chinese view themselves in the world and how they propose to resolve the tension between tradition and modernization. Grammar will be reviewed as needed. Class discussion and short papers will aim at an understanding of Chinese culture through Chinese eyes. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: ILCC 202 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 362. Advanced Chinese: Introduction to Literature (4AF)

Students will study short literary texts representing several periods and genres. Particular attention will be paid to the social and historical context of the literature. Grammar will be reviewed as needed. Written assignments will be based primarily on the readings. May be repeated for credit. Formerly ILCC 306. Prerequisite: ILCC 202 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 363. Topics in Chinese Literature (4AS)

Close study of selected major literary works from the May Fourth Period to the Post-Mao Era. The course will normally focus on a theme, movement, genre or period which links the selected works in a common or conflicting tradition. Students will write short papers, reflecting both on the content and the style of the literary works. Grammar will be reviewed as needed. May be repeated for credit. Formerly ILCC 307. Prerequisite: ILCC 202 or consent of the instructor.

ILCC 493/494. St. Mary's Project (8E)

A student-initiated and student-executed project of eight credit-hours is the senior capstone experience. While the thesis can be written in English, a significant Chinese language component is expected. The project may be a research project in literary or cultural studies, a creative-expressive project involving arts, or a pedagogical project involving teaching applications. Also, depending on the focus of the student's interests, the project can be single or multi-disciplinary based. Whatever the nature of the project, students must demonstrate in it: 1) linguistic competence equal to the task, 2) a method of approach and execution appropriate to the task, 3) adequate knowledge of the particular area of research or endeavor, 4) an ability to analyze and reflect upon this knowledge in order to integrate it with knowledge in other areas of inquiry or performance, and 5) the readiness to critically discuss and publicly share the results of the project. Prerequisites: ILCT 493; approval of a faculty project mentor; approval of the department chair. NOTE: Students whose projects are to be based on material collected "in the field" while studying abroad during their junior year or while engaged in off-campus apprenticeships or internships should discuss their plans with a faculty adviser as early as the second semester of their sophomore year. This course is repeatable for up to eight credit-hours.

ILCC 199, 299, 399, 499. Independent Study (1-4E)

This course consists of an independent creative or research project designed by the student and supervised by a foreign language faculty member. The nature of the project, the schedule for accomplishment, and the means of evaluation must be formalized in a learning contract prior to registration. (See “Independent Study” under “Academic Policies” section.)