Seminars & Events

  • Student Advisory Committee (SAC) Meetings
    Sundays @ 2 pm
  • Greenhouse Design Competition!  
    December 2nd through January 16th 
    Who can design the most imaginative, resourceful, efficient, and beautiful greenhouse to be built at Chancellor's Point? Send us your design. For more information email

    Development Club

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    The Chancellor's Point Development Club provides opportunities for students to be a part of development of Chancellor's Point in both physical restoration of the site and programmatic development. Be it camping, independent studies, kayak trips, research, fishing, guest speakers, gardening, or connecting with nonprofits, the possibilities are endless. We are here to help, and we can use your help. JOIN US!

    Chancellor's Blog

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    Checkout the Chancellor's Point Project Blog, a constantly updating narrative of what's happening down at Chancellor's Point.  The blog is also another place to make your voice heard!

    About the Project

    walkingtrhoughwoodaboutAt Chancellor's Point we will offer summer courses, field research, and one-day workshops for the students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Our hope is to tender not only an immersion in the local landscape but also the opportunity for students to see the impact and value of their work within the St. Mary's community. We also have a specific interest in bringing professional community organizations to Chancellor's. These organizations will further the preservation and environmental restoration of the land, while providing students with the concept of their work in the "real world.”

    Located within Historic St. Mary’s City boundaries, Chancellor's Point is both a public place of learning and a museum, which makes it an ideal place for students, Historic St. Mary’s City staff, and local community members to display their work for the general public. The archeological traces of our ancestors provide the foundation for future programs. Learning from these archaeological discoveries and from the lessons we learn in classes, workshops, and St. Mary’s Projects are of equal importance. Chancellor’s Point fosters experiences worth sharing.

    Natural Philosophy at Chancellor's Point

    Effectively merging the sensory experience of being outdoors with the academic rigor that has been established through time inside the classroom remains as one of the biggest challenges for Chancellor's Point. An idea for a future program at Chancellor's Point is the interdisciplinary study of "Natural Philosophy,” the precursor to Natural History and our several modern disciplines.

    planningviewWhen British Colonists first settled St. Mary's City, natural philosophy involved inquiry into the curious workings of nature. Natural philosophers possessed a broad fascination with a wide array of subjects, ranging from astronomy, living creatures, and geology, to medicine, mathematics, theology, and chemistry. Their explorations within the fields of natural philosophy developed into natural history, which eventually established the frameworks for our modern disciplines of science.

    Our hearkening back to "natural philosophy" intends to take a more holistic approach to experiential and intellectual exploration. Using the model set by past philosophers, we aim to integrate all forms of knowledge. This open approach to our natural and historical understanding will allow Chancellor's Point to ground the most global discourse in a place close to home.