Getting Hands-On Experience


St. Mary's chemistry and biochemistry majors were busy this summer participating in research and medical internships on campus and around the country.  Ashton Engdahl (above) spent her summer developing a green synthesis of functionalized pyrroles on campus with a paid research internship through our campus SMURF program.

Awards Aplenty in New Orleans

A generous contribution from the John J. Leidy Foundation allowed eight St. Mary's students to attend the 245th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans where they presented posters describing their research.  Josh Olexa ('13) explains his poster to a judge, and former American Chemical Society president, in the Speak Simply Contest where students were judged on their ability to explain their research. St. Mary's was well represented, as Josh and Greg Triegger ('13) were both awarded for their posters.

Suggested Course Sequence

The following model is suggested as a sequence of study that satisfies the degree requirements of the biochemistry major:

  • First Year: General Education Requirements, CHEM 105, CHEM 106, BIOL 105, BIOL 106.
  • Second Year: General Education Requirements, CHEM 311, CHEM 312, MATH 151, MATH 152.
  • Third Year: General Education Requirements, CHEM 420, CHEM 425, PHYS 131, PHYS 132, BIOL 471.
  • Fourth Year: St. Mary's Project, CHEM 451, and elective courses (CHEM 426).