Accommodations at St. Mary's College

Conference attendees can elect to stay at St. Mary's College during the conference for a total room and board fee of $225, with an optional extra charge of $20 for a set of linens. We suggest that attendees stay at the college, as the nearest hotels to campus are relatively far away and our housing fee includes three meals per day at the College Great Room.

Housing will be at the apartments on Waring Commons on campus. Most apartments have four separate bedrooms (one twin bed in each), a common area and a bathroom. There are a few apartments available which house two people; priority for these spaces will be given to married couples coming to the conference. Please email Dr. Adler () if you want one of the special apartments.

Apartments are air conditioned; the common areas have a refrigerator, stove and sink, but do not have cooking utensils or pots and pans. Some apartments are on the second floor of the townhomes. If you have any difficulties climbing stairs, email Dr. Adler to ensure a space on the first floor.

Waring Commons

Off-Campus Accommodations

If you don't plan to stay on campus, here are three local hotels you may want to consider:

Others can be found through Google Maps.